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Yeah, I agree. Nobody on KATU stoops as low as to blame the background/ethnicity/class-status of a potential criminal as a reason for their behavior.
Thank you SOO much for standing up for that principle. And, everybody, let's stick to the high level of intellectual discourse this board is known for by continuing this noble ethical principle that gbudavid has so courageously taken a stand for.

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Yeah, wait until he pleads not guilty and then let's talk about money saved.

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Wannabethugatosis. Symptoms include an inability to communicate without threatening bodily harm, an unexplained erection occurring every time a firearm is present and/or discussed, and a pathological hatred of anybody 'snitching'... unless it's your own as$ that's on the line... in which case, snitching occurs immediately and enthusiastically.

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Why do people always assume anybody who is defending the right of the poor to eat automatically also is opposed to ANY sort of reform of the process? As if the two things are mutually exclusive, and anybody that thinks food stamps are a good idea also think in their minds, 'HAHAH, let them all eat candy and donuts ALL DAY Long!!! MUAhahahahah!!!'

Like all liberals all just sitting somewhere thinking that.

I think anybody who looks at the problem with an objective mind would say it needs to be reformed. At the very least, eliminating junk food, low fat/calorie to nutritional value foods, etc. And then going from there. Your idea of establishing some sort of mass food bank is maybe a decent idea, but would take a lot of planning. And it would be hard for people who don't have transportation and also have busy lives. Reforming what you can buy in the grocery store seems a lot more reasonable, to me.

But yeah, It's pretty ridiculous that you can go into a store and use the cards, theoretically, on hundreds of dollars in soda/candy/garbage, and not spend one penny on a veggie or fruit or lean meat. But that's how it is. Creating a straw man to itch that little hateful part in your brain, imagining there are all these people out there who think it's a great idea that you can load up on junk food through Food stamps is A) not gonna solve any problem, and B) a complete figment of your imagination.

And guess who sees to it that it's that way? That there's no restrictions on junk food or no-nutrition food? Not the recipients, not the DHS... the food corporations and grocery stores, through extremely wellf-funded lobbying efforts. Because, guess what... whether you're buying candy or chicken breasts, they still get paid the same. And the more things you can buy, the MORE they get paid. It's that simple.

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Why do people always use these stories as excuses to hate on EVERYBODY that has ever relied on Welfare in the entire history of the program? You just know it's coming.
It's the same thing as hearing of a Medicare fraud story (which, by the way, costs the govt. WAAAY WAYYY effing more than food stamp fraud), and immediately declaring anybody who uses Medicare a lowlife, subhuman scum.

Yes, people, there are human beings out there that are so broke that they literally, without food stamps, would go hungry. Yes, they can walk into a grocery store and, without spending money they've earned themselves, buy something to eat so that they (and their children) don't go hungry. The country you live in, the society you're a part of, the people who have lead this country collectively, have decided that we're not going to literally force people to starve to death if they are in need or have made poor choices in their lives. We'll let them work horrible, soul-sucking jobs for close to nothing, we'll let them live in terrible housing with no security, we'll make them live out their lives terrified that they might become injured or sick and literally suffer becuase they don't have enough green pieces of paper in their wallets... BUT, they won't starve!!! Isn't it SO horrible!!!

Yes, some of them are bad people and will take advantage of any help given them. As is the case in this story, where people sell them to, presumably, afford drugs/alcohol/cigarettes/whatever.

Yes yes yes, isn't it just SO terrible that you have to suffer this indignity, knowing that somewhere, someone is getting something when they need it? Wouldn't it just be so much better if you, instead, saw that occasional person on the bus, walking on the sidewalk, sitting on a park bench, skin and bones, making an Auschwitz prisoner jealous, and holding out their hand for change so that they could go to the store and buy Top Ramen.

Wouldn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Wouldn't you get off work, see that, and just smile to yourself. 'Damn right, they deserve that! Why can't they all just starve to death? I'd be so much happier.'

And then it's, 'Welcome to McDonald's, may I help you?'

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Drug free zones are just irrelevant. Does anybody HONESTLY think that one crackhead has spent two seconds contemplating their sobriety because they're not allowed in old town? It's just a matter of a few more minutes spent transferring buses.

I do think the cops have intentionally let that area go from tough enforcement, at least to an extent, as a way of punishing city hall for their allusion to the fact that the DFZs were racially discriminatory, ie. that the police themselves were racially discriminating.

'All right, let's just let it completely go to shht, if that's how they wanna play.'

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Man, imagining the type of person that would spend hundreds of dollars to go this tour. They might as well just let everybody in to each show, weld the doors shut, and write the building off for 50 years.

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You know, speaking of the bible... I gotta place for you to shove yours.

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Rip Kane. More balls on this dog than on all the scumbag, coward, wannabe gangsta POS thugs in the metro area, combined.

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But but but.... some bike riders dont wear helmets...