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I'm starting to think that maybe mountain climbing is an extremely dangerous activity (I'm sure everyone agrees), and only those willing to take the risk with their lives and the risk with their pocket books to PAY for their own rescue (should it be required) should even attempt it. Here is an idea. To get a permit to climb the mountain you must have proof of insurance for your own health care and rescue. This way every rescue is covered by an insurance policy.

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Ha. Like the outward bursting beams, which to the uneducated show that it was an explosion from the inside? When the reality is that as the beams were heated they buckled outward giving the look of an outward explosion. Try this. Take a straw and push down on it from the end. It will bend outward. Conspiracy theory disproved.

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Two dance floors. One was 70's music one was 80's

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Since when are concealed weapons banned? I have a permit through the city.

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At Polyesters everyone was always smiling. Loved that place. Dance floors so packed you were drenched after a night there. Never felt threatened, everyone always having a good time.

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I hope people can start to see from our soldiers behavior that the cost of war is not just dollars, but the loss of humanity of a whole generation of youth who go to battle for a useless cause only to return mentally traumatized and unfortunately for a few (and probably actually many) an inhumanity generated from doing horrible things to other humans . The latest two wars have won us nothing. We have only loss to show for it. If there is anything that can come from this it is that we must learn. You cannot defeat a terrorist/freedom fighter by killing them, only 10 more pop up for each you kill. You have to win them over, and if you cannot you control their leaders. The Romans realized this to an extent (install puppet government, give their leaders lots of money, grow their economy by building infrastructure, etc and tax it). How is it that history teaches us nothing?

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So you are a typical republican who feels that it is everyone for themselves. Even though clearly 99% of Americans would not be able to shoulder the bill for a routine knee replacement. When you have serious medical issues or someone you love does are you going to foot the bill? Or are you all ideology like the goon in the article who follows his ideology for everyone else but himself. I bet you are a hypocrite like all republicans and will have medicare pay for it instead of footing the bill yourself.

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I hope I am typical in believing that all people deserve healthcare, and we should ALL pay for it. I'm happy to do my part for the benefit of society, not sure why others believe they are entitled and others are not.

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Typical republican. Just like my mother. Hates Obama with a passion (for no rational reason, but then reasoning isn't a skill any republican has), doesn't believe that anyone should get "free" healthcare, as she uses over $100,000 of medicare money to get a new knee! And she is 70, never worked a day in her life so contributed nothing to the system. Somehow she is entitled but no one else is. Republicans always fail to take their logic all the way through. Republicans's are truly waging a war on intellectualism, as they make up stories about "war on religion, etc."

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I'd like to know how I can get them to be convinced I'm dead so I stop getting all this darn trash in my mailbox.