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"If these wizards here – and the same wizards post-Moving Pictures – are aware of how stifling their world is, why aren’t there any changes made to it?"

Oh, I ask this question about so many things.

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Klingon hug dungeons

I want that fic.
I may well write that fic!

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Watching this makes me remember what an absolutely ludicrous geek I was over TNG as a teenager.
I must confess that:

1) When TNG aired on Sky One twice a day, at 5pm and at about 10pm, I always watched both. And I think there was an omnibus at the weekend and if I could I'd watch that too.
2) I loved the first few notes of the title music so much that sometimes, if I was watching a recording (yes, twice a day plus recordings) I would rewind just to listen to it again.
3) Deanna Troy was my first ever girl crush and if my brother had been a girl, he would have been called Deanna (he's called Adam...not nearly so good.)
4) Whenever JLP said "make it so," my family and I would all pretend to have sewing machines and we'd air-sew (my air sewing machine was one of those old fashioned manual pedal driven ones.)

I haven't watched TNG in years and I'm really looking forward to seeing if this brings out the geek in me again.

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I agree. It reminds me so much of this

I do nearly all of them. Today I have done quite a lot of;
ending and email with 'thanks' as a warning that you are perilously close to losing your temper.

and some of;
"No harm done!" = you have caused complete and utter chaos.

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I just did a proper Wacky Races Mutley snicker...people looked at me :$

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Mine is buttons. Particularly large quanitities of buttons...worse if they're in a large tin. Big ones with big holes are the worse, but a concentration of small ones are just as good at making me hyperventialte.

I can't imagine what that must translate too.

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And it's clear that, as low as they are, the watch aren't completely useless. Vimes can think when he needs to, Colon had the presence of mind to remove Carrott from the situation, Nobby...cebonoyl znxrf uvf bja neenatrzragf.

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I just remembered, this section has one of my favourite lines in the whole series;

Corporal Nobbs, why are you kicking that man when he's down?
Safest way, Sir.

It's gloriously funny and it tells you almost everything you need to know about the current state of the watch (and Nobby.)