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gay union cannot, in its purest form, be civil. It's just an oxymoron.

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I knew it was coming...right after he criticized one of his own players at the beginning of the season.

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He shouldn't have been convicted. Yes, he was technically guilty, but the damage resulting from conviction and sentencing could reach far beyond the obvious.

...and then you wonder why we have people who go on a shooting spree.

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no, they are not - too bad you're so open minded.

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Freespeach01 is absolutely right. Americans haven't a slightest clue of what it's like to have a government run health care system. Ignorant fools, keep digging your own graves.

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Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. I think that if he suffers defloration at the hands of Bubbah, he's no longer eligible to receive the 72 virgins.

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The picture of Gregoire that KOMO chose to put up has the same dumbfounded expression that she had over the last 5 years. She's absolutely worthless.

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I have never spent time in the south, other than vacation. A lot of my friends have however, and I have relatives who live there as well. I've heard 'dinner table' mentions from them, how they were surprised to see how divided folk is. :-)

I guess I'm just saying that it's not hard for me to see WHY Huckabee would review a Clemmons' case. The circumstances speak for themselves.

One other thing...
I can't help but wonder how many people have been wrongfully convicted and served a long time for a crime they didn't commit, or perhaps a disproportionate sentence? That's got to be psychologically devastating. And spending 10-20 yrs in prison won't exactly cure a growing "rage against the machine."

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Exactly! You go down south and especially in the rural areas, you can't help but wonder if the civil war ever occured. It's whites against blacks and vise-versa. So I can't help but think that a 16 yr. old Clemmons' conviction was a result of a white prosecutor, white judge and a white jury's inability to be impartial. If nothing else, Huckabee should be praised for his actions being "civil rights activism."

BTW, I'm white.

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About the 108 year sentence...I would have probably done the same. You've got a kid who was sentenced to 108 yrs. in prison for a robbery? The sentencing was obviously disproportionate to the crime he committed.