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I like "cashflow business" - although that indicates the subset of businesses that are really meant to be run for the foreseeable future in order to produce cash flow rather than in view of an exit.

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Batmobile? I thought you took the bullet train this morning...

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Less of an issue in SoCal-style urban interface (brush/packed-homes), another powerful factor is land morphology. Nothing can stop a crowning fire raging up a steep hill.

Another fire behavior model that keeps failing is the mental model in firefighters' heads. Despite training and experience, firefighters keep dying in wildland fires because they can't figure out how quickly or in what direction a forest fire will advance.

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Your "be optimistic" captures another thing that we'll be getting from an Obama administration, even while it's not in office yet: a wave of uplifting optimism that we can get out of the doldrums we're stuck in, both domestically and internationally. We desperately need it.

Anybody who listened to his speech last night and did not feel that sentiment must had forgotten his meds...

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A few months ago they changed they altogether canceled from their schedule a (vacation) flight my wife and I were ticketed on, only a few weeks before the flight. A press release went out, but (1) they did not call or email to notify us, and (2) on their website they kept selling tickets for the canceled flights.

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One more small, semantic observation: you shouldn't be able to opt out - you should be able to opt in. Unions should be voluntary organizations.

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Quick answer: yes.

Long answer:
Unions have had a critical role in the history of this country. But when I say historical, in most cases I mean many decades ago.

In more recent times, there have been bright spots where a progressive, enlightened union leadership has helped an industry move forward. Take, for example, United Steelworkers' Leo Gerard - his constructive, reasonable, pragmatic approach helped keep a critical US industry from its deathbed to a renaissance.

Unfortunately, other examples are less heartwarming:
- I don't think that there's any doubt about UAW's role in making sure that the US auto industry is dead for good.
- Teachers' unions are staunchly opposed to linking pay to performance. They want salaries to depend only on seniority. 'Nuf said.
- My personal brush with unions is with electricians at trade shows, and... don't get me started.

More specifically to your point, I don't see the logic of having to pay for something done in the past. Past union activities (good or bad) were paid by past union dues. Past union activities (good or bad) are no guarantee of good union activities in the future.

I just loathe the concept of unions as taxing authorities. If you are a good, young school teacher, the union you are forced to support is actively working against you.

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I think that the fact that certain Colorado workers are forced to pay taxes to non-governmental, highly partisan organizations is ludicrous enough that the principle of Amendment 47 is worth enshrining in the State constitution.

And, FYI, I am of political convictions quite different from Josh's mother...

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What makes you think that this country is confused about the separation of church and state? I don't think there's any confusion (or separation).

Re. "problem for all mankind", read Sam Harris' "The End of Faith"...