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Reminds me of the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces, which came out a few years ago. You command the Tribulation Force, which is fighting the Global Community Peacekeepers. You and the GCP both try to recruit neutral people and people on the other side. You train your troops in Missionary Training Centers, while the GCP trains its troops in Colleges. Etc.

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Ophelia, I'm familiar with particle physics, and I know that that's a put-on, because unstable elementary particles are VERY short-lived by macroscopic standards. The longest-lived one is the muon, a sort of heavy electron, at about 2 microseconds. The Higgs particle would be at least as massive as the W and the Z, and because it interacts somewhat similarly, it would have a lifetime similar to theirs, about 3*10^(-25) s.

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Reminds me of a certain relative of mine whom I shall call Gaby. She refuses to save any money for her funeral, because she expects to get Raptured rather than to die in the usual way. She predicted that it would happen on 2000, but when that didn't happen, she revised it to 2003. I don't know when Gaby now expects the Rapture to happen.

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I downloaded and read it, and my first thought is "I can't believe I read the whole thing". It's a confused, rambling mess with some repetition toward the end.

KH mixed up just about everything he doesn't like, saying that it's atheism or pantheism, and he claims that that everything other than his beliefs is evolution, no matter how creationist it is.

And, of course, that lots of bad people had supposedly been inspired by the idea of evolution.

I've read through the Patriot Bible University pages, and it's mainly for training fundie pastors, with courses like "The Collapse of Evolution".

Here's my version of that PU annotation satire:


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Tee hee. Though it's more like:

Let's give it as many flashy features as possible, so we can impress all the less technically-minded.

And let's not worry too much about security. Our users will be our beta testers there.

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What makes Gentoo a "real distro"? What's so terrible about Ubuntu?

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I'll take those guys seriously when they start making amputees regrow their cut-off limbs.

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I like ER's T-shirts -- what they say is very familiar to me. :D

#!/usr/bin/ (?)
(?) comment */

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ER is certainly correct that OSX isn't a Linux distribution -- it may be called AppleBSD or NextStep 4.x (Cheetah: 4.0, Puma: 4.1, Jaguar: 4.2, Panther: 4.3, Tiger: 4.4, Leopard: 4.5, Snow Leopard: 4.6)

So, ER, if you ever wish to force yourself to use OSX, see if you can persuade yourself that it's NextStep 4.x

As to a Fischer-Price interface, how is OSX's user interface any worse than KDE or Gnome?

As to J, I find him an embarrassment, even if he's supposed to be on my side. I can't tell what happened to him, but I don't feel the least bit sorry for him.

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Philadelphia. My old home. What memories. :D

Even some memories of 30th St. Station. I remember riding Amtrak from there to DC and back, mostly to see the National Air and Space Museum (what a geek I am!).