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Thanks for bringing this up. I'm surprised this isn't getting more/any attention.

If affordable housing is such a great and necessary thing, why does the city look to put it somewhere, anywhere, other than in town where it is close to infrastructure and businesses??

The Camera should really write an article about this absurd annexation attempt.

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Make it stop

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The city doesn't maintain that intersection. If they did I think lots of people would be freaking out that this money isn't being spent on an intersection where cyclists are actually being killed.

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Today's not my day. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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Such an odd paragraph to close the letter.

Letter to the Editor... pretty significant effort all for a humblebrag. But then again, I guess you've got plenty of spare time.

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"County officials said they are committed to working with home owners, buyers and builders to be sensitive to their needs while still keeping an eye on sustainability."

Bull puckey. Anyone who's ever done a significant renovation in the county knows this is completely false. In the eyes of the county, home owners are nothing more than a funding source to be used as means to an idealogical end.

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Um, yeah. If this report isn't adjusted for inflation it's totally meaningless.

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I don't usually drive Iris, but I was on it westbound yesterday morning at 8:50. I cannot believe "right-sizing" is being considered for this street.

I'm generally a strong advocate for things like right-sizing and innovative traffic management, but Boulder can't seem to get it right. The streets/towns I've seen successfully use right-sizing use it in appropriate places... places where the commercial or residential layout would benefit from increased bike and pedestrian traffic and slower automobile traffic. Think walkable storefronts and areas that tend to experience a lot of jaywalking.

The same is true of the flashing crosswalks. Those can be effectively used in slow traffic areas with lots of pedestrians and few traffic controls to help make the pedestrian flow more predictable and visible. These are misused when they are plunked down in the middle of a large road where traffic hums along at more than 40 miles an hour. Boulder, in its infinite wisdom, has a knack for combining good ideas in awful ways in poor locations.

Finally, what's with all of the erratically placed, multi-colored bollards in the street??? One person called it visually chaotic. I think that's a perfect description. It looks unlike any other road I've ever driven, and that's not intended as a compliment. At some level, familiarity for drivers is a good thing.

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"We can't take care of ourselves, so let's steal a dog."

Ironclad logic right there.

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When I read that the assailant was 33 I wondered why the Camera used a picture of her mother. But then... oh.