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I am very concerned about the man who yelled I have a bomb. Did no one else hear this ? Where was security and was this man arrested ? Listen again folks it can be heard about 11minutes 44 seconds into the tape.

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PSSST.... they might want to compare the right day. 8/28 Restoring Honor was on the 28th (like the name says) not the 29th. How pathedic..this paid trashing of our memorials shows their intent for our country. REMEMBER COME NOVEMBER !!!!

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Wonderful piece Mr Harper. I was at this rally. We flew in 2 days before and the magic was everywhere. On the trollies, in the hotels, the cabs, walking along the streets. The labels were gone we were all Americans. Friends and family have asked if I had "fun". "Fun" is not what I experienced, I had the most beautiful experience of my life. I came away with an inner peace. As I passed the Al Sharpton rally the signs and chants did not anger me, I felt pity. I am stronger, I know who I am, what I believe and the drive by media will never be able to take that away.

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Not violent, not racist, just no longer silent.

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My question is what happened to that platform? Seems a little strange just as Pelosi and Reid want to take up a Cap and Tax push this happens...hmmm. makes me wonder.

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Hopping in our gas guzzling truck to buy a sofa with cash. Good Lord that sounds down right un-American.

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More American citizens that Washington wont listen to but will certainly dish out our money to enslave them.

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You betcha and I have some ocean front property for sale in Wyoming. Give us a break !!

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It took the Dem's nearly 3000 words to try and fundemently change the United States. We will take it back with just one...REMEMBER...

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November is a long way off they say, people will forget and really they are to stupid to even know what has been done. Oh really, they used both Christain holidays this year to ram through thier progressive agenda. I say we need to stand together, I am donating money to those in these progressive states until Novemeber. I have never given funds to anyone running for political office but this year I want to give America a real Thanksgiving. Drag people of like minds to the polls and get them OUT of Office !!!