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I am amazed at how upset people get over healthcare plan , but were you this upset when Bush sent are soldiers to IRAQ? Why does the opportunity for everyone to go to the doctor upset you so, but fathers and mothers being sent across the world to fight and die for you not anger you?

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What do you suggest that they could have done, sounds like to me they tried.

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does it mater where they were it was not a good choice, that is all i"m saying.

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Wow that was a mature comment no what is dumb was them making these "bombs" in the first place. I dont choose to know them ,however I can voice my opinion and say that I think that they made a bad decision and there are other ways to entertain yourself then this. I disagree if this happened at ottawa hills there would be ten times more worse publicity then this.

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As a former college " kid" , making bombs a placing them around campus never crossed my mind as a good idea. This was a horrible choice for entertainment, I can guarantee there were other "fun" things to do, wrong is wrong don't excuse horrible behavior just because it happen at Calvin College.

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again you know alot about government assistance, I don't have or receive WIC and if I did how does it affect your life, WIC gives milk to infants with parents of any income and if some ones baby needs formula, what is wrong with them having formula? To me you sound like a bitter person who complains about things irrelevant to your personal life, its Easter spend time with your family. Jesus died for our sins, and he is the only one who should be casting judgement.

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I don't think you can use a bridge card at the Mac store, and you know alot about them where do you use yours.

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I was thinking the same thing!

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sorry one more thing , as a parent myself and watching other parents at my kids school some parents just don't value the same things that I was taught and teach my children to value anymore. like self respect, respect for elders, or appreciation. Things have become norm that were abnormal in my childhood, its hard to explain to my kids why they cant listen to certain music,or watch certain things, wear certain clothes, when everyone at school does it. I think as a community and nation we need to start instilling values, and goals in are children to make them responsible adults who make good choices and don't end up on wood TV 8. Good parents play a part in forming good children it may not be the cure for all crime but it may be a start.

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I think that she definitely could have used some parenting classes, schooling, and possibly drug rehabilitation. I know case workers too and some of the clients might need parenting classes,but some just need jobs and help finding them. I know teachers and they know parents who would benefit from parenting classes. I am just saying not to limit or blanket a whole group of people on this one situation. This girl showed alot of warning signs, she needed help,and someone rather a case worker, or doctor,family or someone at the homeless shelter could have also referred her to some help.