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ohhhhhh Mark. And everyone else who is reading for the first time.

I distinctly remember my friend reading this chapter and asking me if Schaffa was bad. I refused to tell her. Instead I sat quietly while she was reading and waited for her to yell, "what the FUCK" when she reached the end of this chapter.

It's horrifying. It's extra horrifying that he convinces himself and Damaya that it's for a good cause. Normally an author would wait a little longer before stripping off the pleasant veneer, but Jemisin doesn't let you have that comfort.

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you could shelve it with either! I might go with "urbanism", because it's immensely rooted in NYC in almost any conceivable way, but it would depend on how you define those genres. That's just my personal take after reading it.

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yeah, this is the chapter where if you hadn't realized yet that Jemisin has no chill, she makes it very clear that she isn't going to be remotely subtle about anything. No politely disguised metaphors that you can pretend not to notice here!

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didn't realize Mark was reading this until today! OH MAN I AM EXCITED FOR THIS.

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I'll be leaving a longer comment later, but one line here I could not resist reacting to:

"V srry yvxr V’z ba gur rqtr bs n pyvss naq Wbuna (NYY BS LBH) pna’g jnvg gb chfu zr bss."

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This episode seems almost tailor made to STRESS. VIEWERS. OUT.

As of last episode, it had been over 20 episodes since we'd last seen Johan in person. He was pretty terrifying then, and the dread associated with his presence has only grown since. Then suddenly he appears and...doesn't seem to be doing anything? He's just chilling? A weird but overall not suspicious guy? Except that we KNOW that Edmund Ferrer died in a suspicious way, and we know that Johan has manipulated people like that before. And we know that Johan is capable of ferreting out information that no one seems to know, or be sharing - we saw the same thing with the serial killer Gillen was interviewing a few episodes back. It's his exact MO.

All of our experience is screaming that Johan is plotting something, almost definitely plotting something terrible, but he isn't doing anything. Which becomes terrifying in itself.

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This is a bit of a change of pace! This is only the second episode where Tenma doesn't appear at all, and the first one that opens with people that blatantly have no connection to him or Johan. Karl and Lotte are both sweethearts even if Lotte can a bit overbearing, and are shockingly normal. Karl's backstory and attempts to connect with Schuwald seem like they belong in a completely different story. It's also a classic example of suspense - you spend all of the episode wondering what this is going to have to do with the rest of the story, and then Johan waltzes in.

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oooh the plot thickens

If Rudy is correct about Mrs. Kempf, this will mark the 3rd caregiver killed in association with Johan (the initial couple that adopted him and Nina, Nina's adopted parents, and now Mrs. Kempf) and the 3rd known murder committed on Johan's behalf by another person (again, the Fortners, the councilman from a few episodes ago, and Mrs. Kempf), and that's not even including the deaths around him that we simply don't have a direct confirmation for yet.

Rudy marks an interesting perspective - he's the only person we've met since Eisler Memorial that has known Tenma pre-Johan, and it also shows us that Tenma hasn't always been as morally upright as he seems to be now. His realization that Tenma wasn't judging him because he was also cheating is priceless. He's also unique for another reason - he knows of Johan's existence but is otherwise (so far) completely untouched by his actions. That puts him in a very small group.