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Fantastic piece. I enjoyed it!

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Tito, why are you leaving exactly? Isn't this cathartic for you? Your columns have very little to do with WWE and more to do with your personal issues. Every column says the same thing, once one reads in between the lines. Stop blaming the "Roman" in your life and assuming you have control just because you have "invested X amount of years", and just cut the "Roman" out, and stop saying you will in October, and I'm sure you'll be a happier human being.

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Tito is WCW from the 2000-2001 era. I enjoy reading this train wreck as much as I enjoyed watching that one. <3

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This entire RAW was boring as all fuck. My girlfriend, who's been a fan for only a year, was bored out of her mind and honestly so was I. This felt like a "you didn't get to come out and perform all weekend, here ya go" handout. The Titus Worldwide shtick, Elias, Curt Hawkins, the tag division. It was phoned in an boring. The main event was awful. Spot fest match with no actual spots. I was pissed at the end, but not because the writers did a good job of writing Braun out of the title, but because the company is so fucking desperate to protect Roman they'd reunite a once popular group to do it. Let them do their own thing, FFS.

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I'm generally quiet at shows because I'm just trying to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the product for what it is. I do believe that people who paid can chant whatever, whenever though. I wouldn't personally do it, even if I hated the performance, I find it disrespectful. I find it equally disrespectful to look at the people around me in those seats, and know what they've gone through to get there with work, traffic, bills, etc... and say "hey, don't do that, because ___."

Did it take away from the main event at the PPV? I suppose, maybe? My girlfriend and I tried to figure out what they were chanting, and after a moment we realized it was the Rumble buzzer countdown/noise and just chuckled and continued to watch the match and ignored the crowd. I felt bad for both Seth and Dolph, and while Seth has been a cookie cutter baby face and Dolph's booking is... what it is..., they are still just trying to provide a match for us. Yeah they are getting paid, but people don't risk life altering injuries if they didn't like what they were doing. And they both looked defeated out there.

But then I think about the crowd, who was probably bored, and beyond the pretty WWE lights on them they are just most of us. Hard working, probably decent human beings that saved up, or at least worked hard enough to, get to the show they were not entertained by. They paid, after every fast food order, every paper on a desk shuffled, after every shower after a 12 hour factory shift, they paid with that money. So is it morally wrong to "hijack"? To me, yeah. Some don't think about it as deeply as that though, and really, these shows are for OUR entertainment. So if they could only find the joy in making the buzzer noises, more power to 'em, they paid.

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I've always said I'd be the best "entertainer" ever. I can make even the shit they feed Roman sound authentic. Unfortunately, I'm about as athletic as a cardboard cutout of a Whopper. :D

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I'm not always 100% with you on everything you say, Tito, but I'm very happy that you exist and continue to write these. No troll. Just a thanks from a reader.

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Nah. I'll defend the guy. Working hard and dealing with the BS every day can get tiring, so why not paint yourself up like your favorite WWE character and have fun for 3 hours? Some people deal with it that way. Compare dealing with your problems like the guy in Cleveland shooting innocent randoms.

So yeah, it's weird, but I don't feel sorry for him or want to make fun of him. Live and let live man.

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Tito, you've been watching for a while, yeah? In the 90's, it used to be the European title, then the Intercontinental title, then the WWE(F), which is the world title. (Speaking of singles heavy weight championship belts only.)

So for Ambrose to go from the world title, to losing his rematch, to going just one title beneath it makes perfect sense. I always saw the IC title as the "here, do well with this thing and you may move up." Granted, in the last while now the title has been relatively meaningless... but all I'm saying is that if you look at it as one step below the WWE title, for Ambrose to have it now since he's out of the big hunt, makes sense.

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I'm sorry to see you go, I really enjoyed your columns. May all be well with you and yours!