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What has effectively become the new normal, and democrats are not exempted from this, is that the entire federal government and much of the state government in the US is in fact organized crime. The cases you see on the tightly controlled news media, represents about 1/1,000,000 of what is going on that you don't see. These are the parts they could not contain, for whatever reason - often due to rival syndicates hoping to expose their competitors for power.

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The US has been a third rate nation for decades, it just takes stupid populations particularly long time for their perceptions to catch up with reality.

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Its not clear to most, amid the disinformation that is the defining characteristic of
American news media, that Ukraine was not eager to break their ties with Russia when the US intervened and incited an artifice: an uprising against the Russian Friendly government. This uprising was well funded and organized by American operatives, while Obama was in office, under the guidance of Hillary Clinton's State Department. This was part of Obama's so called "Pivot to Asia". It was not an organically occurring conflict within Ukraine. The new government that emerged was European and US friendly, and hostile to Russian interests, unlike its predecessor, prompting military clashes with Russia, and subsequently much of the current tension with Russia and the US. Now the media, Democrats, and Republicans claim that Ukraine needs military aid for their protection, but America is the reason for the whole conflict from the beginning.

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Since we cannot win this, lets have it. It's high time the
american vermin were put in their place permanently

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They could call republicans the white trash CEO party, and democrats can be the billionaire butlers. And the greens, well who are they?

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Venezuela has a better government than any America has ever had. They are just screwed over by American and European neoliberalism and unable to freely rise to the status they otherwise would have enjoyed.

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Imagine what the Sandinista's could have accomplished if they had the economic resources of the US. America is living in self inflicted abject poverty by comparison, on an economic continuum. All we have to do is utterly decimate, destroy, and basically exterminate corporatism permanently and with the most extreme prejudice, and we will flourish beyond our greatest dreams and aspirations.

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I would never argue that the experience doesn't hold positive value, it does, or it can anyway. At the end of the day we end up in the same place with the same problems, it should not be used as an escape, but to help us understand the world more clearly.

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I am not a fan of war, any war but if we do go to war in Iran, I hope american troops are completely slaughtered and decimated to the point of utter and hopeless defeat. I hope that China and Russia and India all join forces with Iran and that the Chinese wipe out every American satellite, that Russians and Chinese dominate the air and the seas, and that american forces are not captured but exterminated to the last man. When the smoke clears, I want that all eyes turn to the west and the continental US itself, and that 95% of its civilian population is ruthlessly exterminated, the scant remainder forced to live as slaves in a complete Asian takeover.

Even this is not enough for American vermin, how dare they develop such a war machine and unleash it on the world while sipping their Starbucks and watching their football.

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All I did was make a single statement. It was a true statement. then i was ruthlessly and very hatefully attacked. Now I'm being called a liar by that same person. The very person who has found the certain path to peace and community and civility. ????