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most stereotypes are rooted in truthiness.

says the lesbian who met a girl in April and bought a house with her three months later.

That was 6 years ago. And we're both still in the house. In fact, she just brought me lunch at work.

I hate being trite. I also have a motorcycle license & played rugby.

but not softball. never softball.

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thanks for this!

i'm dealing with this issue right now. One of my dogs has a lot of fear which, when pushed can turn into aggression. We've been able to build her up in many ways, but going to the vet is a nightmare.

Last week it was time for her appointment. I made sure that she had the calmest nurse and an awesome doctor who's utterly unflappable. We went armed with treats (including baked chicken) and a thunder shirt. But by the time the vet got in the room, Bella was over it. She was able to greet the vet and let her rub her belly, but as soon as they started trying to do the exam the teeth came out (she's really good at being clear - and has never bitten anyone - but she was not far from going there - snapping, etc.)

The vet, in an effort to help Bella get beyond this sent us home with an Rx for ativan and another appointment. We've taken her back to the vet and given her treats. Tonight I'm going to give her the meds to see what effect they have and see if we need to mess with the dose. On Tuesday, we'll take her back again with more treats. Wednesday afternoon, we'll try to do the exam again.

Any other suggestions? She was a total mess for about 24 hours after the first attempt. We've come so far with her I wish I never had to take her in. But, a girl's got to get her exam and her rabies vaccine. I wish I could just shoot her up myself!

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made into a grainy paste and carefully licked off a spoon with tiny licks.
tangy orangie goodness.

and no doubt utterly toxic.

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in Baltimore, where I live, we have an amazing thing called The Book Thing.

If you have a book you no longer want but that is still usable, you take it to them.

If you want a book, or 50, you go to the book thing where they have all of the abandoned books arranged on shelves by subject matter. And you take however many you want.

What sets it apart from a traditional book exchange is that it's not an exchange. The amount of books you turn in is never tied to the amount of books you can take. Bring books or not. Take books or not. It's all good. And you know that if you turn in a book, someone is actually going to find it and be happy that it's there. Which makes it easier for me to part with books that I'm done with.

I love The Book Thing. A lot. Every town should have one.

Here's their web site.

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so true - i remember having a discussion with a friend in which we both realized that in middle school (in the 80s) we each got up at 5 am - her to blow dry her long delightfully curly hair straight, and me to blow dry my spaghetti perm curly with a defuser. It took each of us over an hour.

but we did it.

i suspect her results were better than mine.

no one should have a spaghetti perm. especially when their hair is asymetrical, almost shaved on one side and hangs in your face on the other side.

it seemed like a good idea at the time...

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context makes a big difference, the people that you're with, and how much is on the line.

My three favorite sports memories:

The US Women winning the world cup and Brandie Chastain ripping off her jersey. I almost ripped off my shirt too.

The last Raven's home game last year. When Ray Lewis got the ball in overtime, I screamed so loudly I almost passed out.

The year the Ravens won the Super Bowl and the whole city spilled out into the streets. And somehow, in Baltimore, no one got seriously hurt, there was no looting and nothing was set on fire. There was just pure, unadulterated joy.

Last - I grew up doing ballet, other dance and musical theatre. My family, other than their love for college football, was the most unathletic family in the US. I can't hit a baseball. I can't throw a football. But for some reason as an adult I decided that I wanted to play rugby. It was hard as hell. There are many skills that have come easily to me. Sports are not easy for me. I had to work my ass off to be even passable. So I did. And I will never forget the day that it clicked. Time stood still on the field, my vision narrowed, everything outside of my path was a blur. I could hear people screaming my name. I had the ball, I saw the openings, and I set up a play that led to a try (a score). It was a high like no other. I never became an amazing player, but I became a decent, reliable player. One who the team could rely on to leave it all on the field even if she lacked finesse. And to never bitch when she was benched for someone with more talent. That. Was a good moment.

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at least they're getting sanitized - but maybe boiling them in a special pot would be better in a roomie situation....

decorum people! decorum!

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i may have danced like this completely sober.

i kind of love her.

more importantly, what kind of bikini top was that? it's staying powers are amazing!!

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I use it for promotional stuff for my job and to keep up with what's going on in my industry. It's faster than many other news sources. It's super useful and I've made some good work connections because of it.

I also use it to get info about yarn sales and new knitting patterns (because I'm a dork)

I seriously don't get it for people who use it just for personal tweeting.

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I have the most sensitive skin in the world. If I can use it 99.9% of the population can use it. Of course that doesn't mean that it won't irritate your skin - just to be safe, you Can order these little packages. I find that one of the foil packs lasts about a week. The company owner doesn't recommend using the polish every day. She says you should wash your face with water only & when you feel like you need it use the polish.

It's seriously awesome stuff.