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30% is a whole lotta self-loathing and/or stupid women.

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That gif is a fucking masterpiece.

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Solidarity! Love me some Vampire Diaries. Started watching it on Netflix instant thinking that it would suck and it so doesn't. I watched all the available seasons in some ridiculously short period of time. I am not a fan of goody-goody Elena, but even she doesn't annoy me that much. And Ian Somerhalder is something fucking else.

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Good lord, I wish I had the money to do something nice for that woman. What a fucking nightmare that week must have been for her. I am so glad she had that shotgun and used it.

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The schadenfreude would be fucking delicious if the state of our alleged governance weren't so abjectly sad and disgusting. Fuckers.

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These are real Iowans, and they are the reason I love my adopted home state of Iowa to this day. Fuck yeah Iowa!

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This post is fucking beautiful.

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Uhhhh, Judge Dredd?

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Dated a psychopath for 2 1/2 years. Charming, funny, seemingly a good boyfriend, etc. etc. Problem was he was fucking everything that moved from day 1. Had several other women he dated and who also thought they were his girlfriend, as well as the myriad women he just fucked because he could. He'd see his "girlfriends" when he said he was working a second job to make more money, on weekends when he had his kid, or on nights when I thought he was helping his legitimately sick mother. He'd also see his hookups during those times or during work (he was a salesman). That relationship has scarred me in ways from which I don't know if I'll ever truly heal. The signs that something was really, really wrong with him were not glaring neon signs, but rather very subtle. When someone uses and abuses your trust and love on that level, it is not something that goes away easily. I was lucky to escape with my health, most of my money, and my life (I believe his last girlfriend killed herself). Although, in many ways I am not the same person I was before I met him. There's much, much more to the story than I left in this comment, but otherwise it would be way too long. I wouldn't wish a relationship with a non-violent psychopath on my worst enemy.

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Herman Cain/Smoking Man 2012! After seeing this, I am convinced that what I saw was the planet Venus.