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Least worst option for you? That may be the case, it would certainly stop you from stamping your feet like a petulant child for a while.

As for the Conservative Party it would be something close to an electoral wipe out and certainly the worst option.

There is also a good chance it would lead to a Brexit Party Government, leaving the EU and the continuation of foot stamping by your good self.

Remainers like yourself have played this all wrong, you should have got behind the vote and campaigned on rejoining the EU and voted for a party that appealed to your needs. You'd be in a position to blame any bad news on our departure and likely have had a good chance at succeeding.

Instead you've shown yourselves up for what you are, spoiled brats that don't want their country to succeed and seemingly take pleasure at its humiliation, which you yourselves are creating.

I for one am glad you have chosen this option as the cat is now out of the bag and the damage is done, any future campaigns to rejoin the EU will be irreparably damaged before they even get off the ground.

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Well let's just revoke article 50 then and we can all carry on with our lives without even the mention of the EU again.

Good luck with that...

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So when it comes down to it its really all about feet stamping and not accepting the result. Continue to fight it, as in doing so you are feeding it, failure to leave the EU will only increase anti-EU sentiment.

The current policy of all major parties seems to be to leave the EU in a few years time under a Brexit Party government.

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it's short-sighted in your view. I would argue that it is extremely short-sighted for pro EU MP's to think they can just scrap the referendum result as its not in keeping with their own views and life will go on as normal, because the reality is they won't have a party to represent as a result.

Political landscapes change, as do opinions as we age so I would not buy into the assumption that young people will hold the same view of the EU in twenty or thirty years time.

Furthermore I live in a Labour area and I have never seen voters so disenfranchised with the Labour Party. It is also a leave area and I know people of all ages that voted to leave and will continue to do so. Stick to what the country voted for in a referendum and the party may just find themselves rewarded in some areas, especially if TBP are given no reason to exist.

Remember it was not a Conservative Party decision to leave the EU, however if we don't leave, it will be perceived as a Conservative Party decision to keep us in against our will.

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You're correct it will be damaging either way, but to continue to fight leaving and do just about anything to prevent it from happening is only going to benefit every other party at the expense of the Tories.

Going full on Brexit will be more in keeping with party members and voters. Of course it could still be damaging come the next election but it is the far lesser of two evils as I see it.

TBP will likely cease to exist and the pro EU vote would then be split between all other parties, there would at least still be a fighting chance of an election win or at the least a stint in opposition.

Go the other way and stop Brexit and risk consigning the party to the political dustbin.

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If the Conservatives do not get behind leaving which they haven't and won't, this will be the outcome anyway.

A BRINO deal or a second vote without the option of leaving are where we are heading and the rainbow coalition that you mention will be the likely government at the end of it all.

Of course in such circumstances it will not be the Conservatives in opposition as they will be history and we'll see TBP in opposition.

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I do think May announcing to step down was a factor here. Probably deprived TBP of the votes they needed to win. Though it seems to have been overlooked as a factor in the media.

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Revoke article 50 today and the Tories will win the next GE is this what you are saying? Explain your logic because I am flummoxed.

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I don't see how anything other than a meaningful exit will not wipe the Tories out. A second referendum will achieve what exactly?

Forcing us to vote again and likely a vote between remain v BRINO may well give parliament the mandate they need to move on and many a remain voter I am sure will be happy to put it all behind them too. However it is not these voters that are the problem for the Tories is it?

Are leavers all suddenly going to have their faith restored in the Tories in such circumstances and TBP cease to exist? I'm not sure how anyone can read it that way personally, it is clear to me that the aforementioned outcome would be the best one for TBP and the very worst for the Tories.

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A second referendum would have no validity, many if not all leavers would/should boycott such a thing and render it invalid I know I will be. Let remain have 90% of the vote catalan style and show it for the joke it is.

Tories need to leave the EU on Oct 31st or become a pro EU party, its really quite simple and the outcome regarding the EU will be the same either way. Of course if they opt for the latter we'll just be leaving under a Brexit Party government instead.

The parliamentary arithmetic argument is utter nonsense as there was never a majority to leave the EU in the first place. Out of 650 in the house how many are pro EU 500? If its such an issue then shouldn't they have broken this news to us the morning of the referendum result instead of pretending to represent the people for the last three years whilst all the time lying through their teeth.