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There's no point in revealing the project if I don't get a prize for "guessing" correctly. :-P

Also, lol for SNL reference.

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I feel like getting on the internet, pointing, and yelling out, "I KNOW HER! WE LIVE TOGETHER!" and jumping up and down. But I think that would be about a 100 on the 1-10 "How Lame Would This Be?" scale.

So maybe I'll just try my hand at cross-stitch. My mom's bff is way into it and she had me do a few when I was younger and like, Free Willy was still the awesomest shit around, but I wasn't into it because it was a Redskins logo and who the hell likes the Redskins, right? This was, obviously, far before I discovered the depth of my nerd-dom and deep love of zombies.

I've got to be better at it than I am at knitting, right?


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First comment of 2010! I rule!

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That must be a symptom of First Born Syndrome, too, because I tend to get testy when people ask me a bunch of questions. I'm usually good to leave things at 'how are you?' But then I get (usually from relatives), 'what are you doing now? what are your plans? are you going to do *this*?' etc etc etc. Worse is when I get it from friends (even friends I haven't seen in a while.) I don't know what it is; I think I just hate having to explain myself, likely because I'm in a similar boat. I have no idea what I'm doing. I have ideas of what I'd like to do, but nothing's in a position to really gel as of yet.


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Gefilte SHOULD be a swear word. Blech.

My dad was one of those dads, too, but his were a little more mean-spirited. Like the time he fed me fish sticks the day after my beloved betta died and told me the fish sticks were the remains.

I guess it kind of runs in the family, though, because for about two years I had my sister believing the birthmark on her leg was where we'd had to cut off the second head she'd had at birth.

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What I think is pretty funny is how his big international sponsorships like Speedo and Omega are basically just shrugging it off. It sucks and he definitely should have known better, being that he's all record-breaking and crap and EVERYONE had their eyes on him, but at least he won't lose it all. With time and probably some hard work, he'll probably get it back, too.

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I'm almost afraid to ask for a letter - the one you choose could say a lot about our friendship. :-P

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You know what I don't recommend? Paulo Coelho. I don't know why The Alchemist is getting such good reviews, because that book was a huge steaming pile of crap and I would really like to get the two hours back that I spent reading it.