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We'll miss you!

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This piece on a transgender woman who was in prison and was supposed to have sex reassignment surgery as ordered by the courts is really great: https://story.californiasunday.com/michelle-lael-...

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This sounds like exactly my jam. Thank you.

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My husband will not push a chair in to save his life. Our apartment is too small for me to be constantly tripping over chairs, so between his desk and the dining table, i feel like I spend half my time pushing in chairs after he wanders off.

He also does the cabinet thing.

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I'm in the health campus as staff, so far far away from everyone but the med & dental students, but I've been here for awhile, so let me know if you have any other questions. You're going to be great!

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LA without a car is challenging, but certainly not impossible (and becoming less so year by year). I don't have a whole lot of experience with the LA Metro Bus, but the trains are fairly reliable, and connect to a lot of the smaller local buses (Big Blue Bus, Culver City Bus). UCLA subsidizes passes for these services (https://main.transportation.ucla.edu/getting-to-ucla/public-transit), so while it isn't free, it is significantly cheaper than it would be otherwise.

If you want to minimize commute, I'd recommend West of Beverly Hills, South of the Sepulveda Pass(the gap between the San Fernando Valley and ~Sunset that the 405 runs through), and North of the 90.

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Hello! And Congrats!

West LA in general is ungodly expensive, so finding [a] roommate(s) is probably a good idea. (My 1BD is $1650). Grad student housing through the University is also stupid expensive (See: https://housing.ucla.edu/my-housing/rates-contrac... & https://housing.ucla.edu/my-housing/rates-contrac.... However, these places offer shuttles, which is super nice. Alternatively, the Expo Line from downtown is opening in a few weeks, which means it's feasible to get from Downtown or any of the neighborhoods along it to Westwood without it being necessary to travel by car. Or the Blue Bus, which is great!

If you're uncertain about certain neighborhoods, the LA Times Crime Map (http://maps.latimes.com/crime/) is a great resource.

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Disagree. Pink grapefruit curd is actually made of magic.

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I pulled a cold La Croix out of my fridge last night and slept with it under my neck. I replaced it twice over the course of the night with a new cold can. I'm pretty sure my husband and I are going to kill each other over lack of sleep.

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I told my husband yesterday that I thought Stephen Colbert was the spiritual successor to Mr. Rogers. They both find such joy in being devout, and while I lost my faith long ago, I think they both exemplify what being a Christian can be.