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I agree with everything. Of course conservative is not the same as nationalist. Conservative Metternich was anything but nationalist for obvious reasons.

About far-right groups in Europe, you were very right. But it very shocks me how many free-market America supporting people in European internet forums are aligning themselves with Fronte National, Freedom Party of Austria or Danish People's Party although they are everything you said.

Ok, on behalf of leftists I apologize for smear job most leftists didn't participate in.

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So? Who is talking about Americans or economic ideologies? I am not.
I am just saying that it is very common for ultra-nationalists (which is one form of collectivism) to target "traitors" in own nation midst. So that's why it fits very well for conservative assasin to target socialists from same nation.

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No, it is not. Check SS and SA pre-1933. They also didn't target Jews, but concentrated on liberals, socialists, communists. On commentators, on pro-Western modernist artists. It's easier to stir things up this way, if the nemesis reacts ofc. Hopefully noone will in Norway. :(

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Hollywood, Palin? This is British movie, by British director and British writer.

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Fujimori was doing practically same thing as Chavez does now with destabilizing former democratic instituions. And he was doing it when economy as a whole was booming and when he had undoubtedly popular support. Why do you think Chavez doesn't? Same structural and popular background was in place during bulk of PRI's reign in Mexico.
Question to debate is how he abides by democratic standards other than elections which are many. But I don't think anyone arguments if he has majority support in the elections.
After all, Venezuelans are the top people in Latin America with belief that democracy is the best political system at all times. About 60% have this opinion. Don't you think they would kick him out if they believed he has gone too far?

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Exactly - Buffy is a brilliant show about people. And I don't think Buffy had ever intentionally killed any person in the tv show, no matter how evil he behaved. Actually that was the leading schism that broke her friendship with Faith.
I have no idea how such storylines as "government is evil" could be characterized as conservative, when conservatism in politics is always about keeping the institutional state of affairs, which is embodied by government above society. In Buffy it was even secret military state organization, which was the Big Bad. So from now on conservatism is anti-military?
I don't know if I should understand those recent shifts in describing conservatism by conservatives as a win of the left, since all almost all points presented in the article were first presented by leftist ideologies and now conservatism has co-opted them, or if this is just a populist and pragmatist sham....

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Do you really think that working with likes of Klaus Barbie, Valerio Borghese and killing tens of civilians in supermarkets (Belgium) or policemen (Italy) in terrorist acts is understandable?

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Right. Because communists in my country killed hundreds of people in 50s and afterwards in 70s were extorting my grandfather to join Secret Police (which he bravely and succesfully opposed) and forced some relatives of mine to emigrate, I most definitely don't have any problems with commie terrorists in Western Europe, that makes sense.

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Start with e.g. UNITA in Angola. That group, supported by CIA, was trying to destroy oil rigs owned by Chevron (being defended by FNLA and Cuban "advisors"). What is American National interest in there? Continue with probably every late civil war in Central America. CIA financed rebels who overthrew Arbenz, who wanted to redistribute land owned by UFC to Guatemalans. That is, the same thing, which USA did in its beginning when gave indigenous land to its people. What is national interest in there?
And the most important and most lasting, how really is in American interest supporting this deviant, spoiled ruling family in Arabia, when they are supporting terrorist radical islamist organizations all over and giving refugee status to people from Muslim Brotherhood and such. It would make more sense to be ally with todays Iran (which they wouldn't accept ofc), that country is at least not financing radicals in Europe and women are pursued to high education there and employed in public services.

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Depends if you think that those security agencies are trying so hard to accomplish anything for their country, but finishing with making everything worse. Because they are of course behaving in authoritarian manner, since they don't answer to people at all, and they think they know everything about people, which noone does at all.
I always think those are points being made by todays right-wingers, when confronted with even straight-forward policies. And CIA since its inception is participating in exact opposite, the most complex issues.