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Fine, if I cannot wear pants, I guess that I will have to go naked! LOL! No really, this is a horrific story. I am SOOOO glad to be an American Woman and have the liberties that so many of us (including myself) take for granted. We MUST FIGHT to protect our freedoms and wearing pants, a dress or nothing at all!

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Scare tactics? Let's give him a scare! I am not a religious person, but this is SOOOO fitting: Revelations 6:8 "Behold the pale horse. The man who sat on him was Death, and He** followed with him." Nobama might want to take a look at this quotation and THINK about the silent majority who he has awakened....

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What have we come to as a nation? It is pretty d*** bad when they don't even try to hide the fact that they are f****** us anymore. They just tell us that they are going to do it, show us how it will be done and we just nod in agreement! WTF??!!

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Ok, anyone out there need their pitchfork sharpened? How about more pitch applied to their torch? Looks like we might be needing it soon.... :-)

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NO, NO, NO, NO! I may have to bend over, but I GUARANTEE that someone will be missing an appendage...and it WON'T BE ME!

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Ok, so let me get this straight... My husband and I go to work every day to support ourselves and our daughter. Even tho we work our butts off, we still have to budget, save and sacrifice so that we can continue to provide for our family in the event that something happens (ie. loss of job, sickness, etc.). Now, however, we are going to be expected to work to support SOMEONE ELSE who has not sacrificed, worked their way thru school, landed a decent job and work everyday? We are going to be expected to SUPPORT people who have made bad decisions, been lazy or have the "poor me" syndrome? I understand that good, hard working people have run upon bad times, but the difference between them and the Obamanots who are there with their hands out is that they have pride and do whatever they can NOT to live off of the hard work of others! GET A F**** BACKBONE, GO TO WORK AND QUIT BEING A D*** USER!

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I have a question.... I see that many of the 9/11ers are on both sides of the fence as to IF the Major could, Constitutionally, refuse orders. My question is this.... according to the Constitution, only American Born people can act as Commander in Chief (i.e. the President), since there seems to be a question about Nobama being a US born native, then couldn't the argument stand that the Major had the right to refuse since the orders came down from a probably fraudulent source?

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Sadly, the "funny" thing was.... he looked like a deer in the headlights! OMG the tragedy of it all! Our fearless leader, that we rely on to RUN OUR COUNTRY, can't even formulate an original idea/response/comment of his own! THAT IS EXTERMELY SCARY! What was that about a talking head?....

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Amen! I was just getting to ask WHEN the party is going to get started. Guess it pretty much already is! GOOD!!!!

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OMG! Are you kidding me? These are TERRORISTS! Unfortunately, our "fearless leaders" think that we need to all sit around with these barbarians, singing Kumbyah, making daisy chains and drinking 'shroom tea (or Kool Aid). Hello! These terrorists want to KILL US! They do not care about peace, political correctness or humanitarian morals. They do not want to play nice in the sandbox, they want to blow it all to H***! Fight fire with fire! They are not going to play nice! WE ARE AMERICA! WE ARE STILL ONE OF THE SUPERPOWERS IN THE WORLD! We CANNOT roll over and play dead when these jerks try to prove their might. We need to flex our military muscle and remind them who they are messing with and NOT PLAY PATTY-CAKE WITH THESE TERRORISTS!