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Am I the only one who cringed when the woman's bed manners were brought up? Just sayin'.

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Meh. I suppose you're right in that aspect.

Even so, I still don't believe it's much of an issue though. Another example (less "fail-ful"):

In Japan there were two editions of the Final Fantasy X;
1. The game itself
2. A game with a few additional extras/refinements.

Essentially, as mentioned above, it doesn't seem unfathomable that a save file couldn't be used from the original in the later installment, but one couldn't, and the game still sold well. The same actually holds for Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, with their original games and then their re released versions. The fact that save files couldn't transfer was not an issue.

I hope I don't appear with a hostile attitude, I just like a friendly argument.

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Let me use some precedent:

+One could not import files from Super Mario World to Super Mario All-Stars [games featured on the SNES]

That being one of my all-time favortie games: it did not bother me that I could not re-use my save file from it's original in the bundle pack presented. Thus, I think it should not really be a problem to true friends, or people who honestly/earnestly want to purchase this game.

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Oh yea..Jammin' Tunes...awesome job.

Yay for updates!

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I definitely recommend the hat, i just believe it's a more tangible item that will probably last longer in novelty then the punch-out play-demo. But I mean yeah, these gifts are kinda mediocre...I mean I'd love to have gotten a mario-themed Wiimote, or even a Wiimote TV Remote...oh well.

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Toy Time and Dreadnought's Purple Coin challenges were probably the most difficult components of the game...I lost many a life there.

Anywhoo, I'm glad to hear that this next game will be more difficult. I could definitely see a re-hash of some Super Mario World maneuvers here, such as the sacrifice of Yoshi to attain some secret star.

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Pssh, the only thing to go see at E3 now is Steve Wiebe try to break a million on Donkey Kong this year.

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That intro was just too much win.

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c-c-c-combo breaker?

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My my. Honestly I do not think much of this was very eye opening or boggling. ____But ya know we're all just basing our things off assumptions made off of analysis of quotations.