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Have we not evolved over 1000's of years then tried to force these people to rapidly evolve over 100's, did these people ask, want or even need to evolve before we exposed them to our ways? Our governments have created these problems for these people, I think we should leave them completely alone to find their own way or if they want us to help them evolve then that decision has to come from their people not from their government as with our own!

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Did anyone ask the queen how she felt about the situation?

Excellent media attention, 'well played' another one in the back of the net for the BNP.

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I'm sure the queen rarely gets to meet anyone other than Dicktraitors these days, it should be a pleasant change for her, providing the Queen is allowed by the authorities to have Nick Griffin on her guest list that is.

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Really good, 'moving' everyone will enjoy this broadcast whether they are interested in politics or not.

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Put it back up;)

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"A class above" A refreshing, informative show, the panel were outstanding, it blew the BBC's version completely out of the water! I think any sane person watching this could be left in no doubt about the BNP's credibility, excellent!

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I feel sick, sorry, can't watch any more!

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More on the policies please, just perfect for posting onto my face book profile! ;)

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I wonder if they pay tax?