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That was my favorite poem from that book!

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Actually, there is both sunset and nightfall (three stars). Holidays start at sunset, but end at nightfall. This means that Shabbat is actually generally about 25 hours, since they are about an hour apart. However, when you have holidays that are two days long, the second day does not start until nightfall, because you can't cheat the first day out of its time. Unless, of course, that second day (or third) is Shabbat, at which case you start normally at sunset. It is questionable what day that hour falls into.

And I'm an observant Jew, and still have to look up where the holidays fall in relation to the Georgian calendar...

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I agree. If you were seeing someone romaticly, you'd be "going out" I was in high school from 2001-2005, so about the same time. I knew the term going steady, but that may have been as much because of my elementary aged obsession with Bye Bye Birdie as anything else. I certainly would have gotten weird looks if I'd actually used the term in conversation....

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I read the first four many times, and the later couple only once or twice each (I know I never read the last one), so I don't think I ever really noticed the 30 year adolescence. I agree that fixing the timeline is a reasonable reason to create the new editions, but when I first heard about them, didn't realize about that motivation. So when I first started them, it seems to me that it was just a desire to update. 

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I don't remember exactly when I started reading them, but I probably found them sometime between 1998-2001 (late middle and begining of high school for me). Yes, even then High Wizardry and some parts of the other books felt a drop dated, but I'm pretty sure I said, "when was this published?" flipped to the front of the book, checked the publication date, said, "that explains it," and moved on. I'm liking the NMEs more then I expected, but I still think that it's a little...insulting...I guess, that current readers can't be expected to deal with something that doesn't fit with their everyday world. I'm not entirely sure if insulting is the right word, but it's the closest I've been able to find for the moment. And besides, isn't having your mind stretched and going away from the ordinary part of why a lot of people read, especially sci-fi and fantasy?

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Haven't found that one yet. I'm reading along with Mark for the reread, and this is the first time I've read the NMEs.

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I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this chapter. I've been wondering how this whole book was going to work since I realized they were updated, and it looks like it won't be as bad as I thought. Overall, the changes work, although I still find it a little off putting that it's not the way I remember them...
I'm realizing that I think this may be my favorite of these books.

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When we were in London, they had some sort of system where you had to scan your card both in and out, and that way it could deduct the right amount based on how far you went. I think even then you could buy an time-limited unlimited pass, though. And I live a city where the system is behind the times as far as payment--when Sanders made his comments recently about using tokens, the people in my city laughed because our system does still use tokens, but even here you can buy a weekly and monthly pass.

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Spoilers for future book: Va Zbafgebhf Ertvzrag, bar bs gur jnlf gurl fgneg svthevat bhg gung fbzr bs gur bgure zrzoref ner nyfb srznyr vf gur fjrne jbeqf gurl'er hfvat...