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hhhmmm...why do i get 19p at the side of my profile? is it for commenting? or is angpow? RM19? hehe~

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Happppyyyy Newww Yearrr!!!! Hugzzzz Hehe~ :)

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Yes, got dream before. Dream of ghosts bcoz saw japanese/korean horror movie, yucks. dream of bf, or romance after read romance novels.. hehe. i love nora roberts' books :)

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I find exercise helps me sleep, swimming, some jogging and especially a whole day of shopping, my mom has migraine for years and also couldn't sleep. About 3 years ago, the doctor said there a non malignant growth the size of a small marble on the back of her brain. Maybe you should have a medical check up just in case. Hope you are Lisa, hugzzzz :)

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Lisa, in some ways I feel like you are like my sister, besides we both sharing the same english name, I find alot that you write consonates with the rhythm of my thoughts and the beat of my heart where love is concerned.

Finding the right person is what I myself am seeking for. Some of the things I have realized is that all of us are brought up differently and therefore behave in certain ways and mannerisms that may not enhance or enhance a relationship. There is alot of adapting and give and take which needs to take place. Like for instance - you probably know some guys are dirty, they dont bathe daily or perhaps don't brush their teeth. Yuccckkks, how to kiss these psychos??? Eouwww


That being said, I realize that men my age (20s) are less mature and basically think with a different brain (the one down there) and hence we do not see eye-to-eye on many things on love.

We girls want love, warmth, to cuddle and to feel secure that our man will love us, honor us and respect and not use us mercilessly and dump us. Men just want sex. As you well know, girls will only make love to those we believe truly love us and deserve us because they can take care of us and plan for our future.

I see only men in their early 30s who can have that kind of maturity. But again men in their 30s may be too experienced and turn out to be romeos or worse playboys with no conscience. Passing not just broken hearts but also diseases and whatnot to the poor damsel in distress.

The only way I see out of this cycle of pain, is introductions by family and close friends, matchmake with a twist. Seeing families, relatives and friends in the equation does help bond the couple together, also it throws out the liars and the "playboys"

Just like we can't read a book by its cover, so we can't really determine a man's suitability as a potential soulmate/hubby until we have known him and studied him from every angle and obtained experienced opinions from relatives and close friends.

Our weapon against men are our youthful beauty and desirability, our weakness to men is that we will love them with our hearts and that makes us vulnerable and do silly things that may hurt us.

Granted that a man at 20 is immature, then we shall look at potential and attitude towards life and ability to change and adapt towards improving himself...

I can recommend a great movie on love that my brother watches over and over - "When Harry Met Sally" which was acted by Billy Crystal and Meg can get the video from Speedy, cool movie and very very informative.

Hugzzzz Lisa, Hehe~

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Hehe - I will follow you, sounds like a stalker doesn't it? :)

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hmmmm...your dog eats durians? mine eats papayas... hehe~ :)

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Hmmm... this is so useful :)

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Hmmm....these supernatural experiences are for real. One of my acquaintances used to experience ghosts in hotels and one of them have ability to see ghosts. Pretty scary if you ask me. I wouldn't enjoy this at all. My sympathies to those who have these experiences.

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Guess I am old school, ensure I got lots of $$$ to weather the tough times. Now where to get the $$$? From my dad of course... Hehe~ Otherwise, find a rich bf or failing which, be a successful blogger, winks :)