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True Idiot,

Time to get off the computer and run to your mailbox. Your Guv'ment check is probably there by now. Go...just go....

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Funny!! Scary too....!!

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True American Idiot,

Your argument is as weak as your mind.

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That, my friend, is offensive to burnt sticks!

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quivive...I just checked True unAmericans posts. He's an unintelligent twit. I have wasted words responding to him.

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Spoken like a true blue Union Worker. Our company does not have a Union. We pay as well as Unions and our employees don't have to pay those nasty union dues. We also have a very low employee turnover rate. We do however have the right to get rid of slackers and otherwise, incompetent employees. Those are the ones who usually cry "if we had a union you couldn't do this!" To which I say..."EXACTLY"

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True American...

Why are you afraid of this ruling? A majority of business donations (save the oil companies) go to ...wait for it....DEMOCRATIC candidates. Harry Reid received the most from the Lawyers Associations. As the owner of a medium sized national business I feel it is my right to give what I want to whomever's campaign that I choose, since their decisions most definetly affect my business. The fear that most people have with this is that the small special interests groups will lose some of their voice. Their voice has been disproportionet to their numbers.

As someone who listens to both conservative and liberal shows, I suspect that YOU are "dittoing" whatever left-wing wack-job media personality you worship says. BTW...since you mentioned it, why don't YOU explain the SCOTUS ruling? Show us just how smart you are.

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Nancy P and Joe B. would probably just waste away...down to the plastic in their faces. Obama would have to go back to being a "Community Organizer" ( a large city is missing its idiot). Meanwhile, as the economy improves, Politicians who have never once in their pathetic careers signed a payroll check , built a business , hired or fired anyone, researched and purchased a group health insurance policy, paid payroll taxes, business taxes...etc., etc., will take the credit for SAVING THE ECONOMY. Then they will continue to try to tax the life out of those who have.

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But quivive, while doing these things would most likely alleviate much if not all of the problem, there is a fatal flaw in your idea. NONE of your suggestions would aid in the growth in the public sector. In fact, (gasp), they would actually help freedom minded Americans retain power over their own finances and lives. Oh the horror!

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12 months after entering office, after massive spending and loss of jobs, he finally decides to look at the financial situation of the U.S.?! And his first instinct is to "form a committee??"

Rome burned while Nero fiddled.