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Married to this beauty though, wtf?

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I went to Duke (2010) and I hate the school and the basketball team. I was around during Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts and their douchiness on screen is amplified 10000000000x in real life.

Last year I was on campus when they won the national championship and it was a most miserable combination of natural light, neon sunglasses, and pasty white arms in Duke jerseys. Vom.

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Was anyone else bothered by J Hud's boobies? As a woman with big boobs myself, I am super boob-aware all the time, and Ms. Hudson's boobs set off my boob radar immediately. Everything else was flawless, but the dress didn't support them properly and kinda smushed them down and I don't know they were freaking me out.

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I haven't read about the resistant syphillis, but I will do a pubmed search as soon as my internet stops sucking.

Yeah, and crystal is absolutely terrifying.

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I work in a research lab that studies HIV and substance abuse, and I hear about this often, especially from gay men who use/abuse drugs (specifically crystal meth, which is extremely popular in the gay community).

What many people don't understand is that you can be super-infected with HIV, which basically means that if you and your partner are both HIV+, either (or both) partners can transmit a different strain of the virus which can lead to more rapid disease progression (lower CD4 counts and higher viral loads). Additionally, one partner may have a form of the virus that is resistant to specific drugs, which they can then pass on to their partner who does not have HIV with that particular drug resistant mutation. This can further disease progression and inhibit the efficacy of certain pharmacotherapies by transmitting drug resistance from partner to partner.

I would encourage anybody who is interested to further research superinfection and talk to your doctor if you are HIV+ and considering having unprotected sex.

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I've also read that for some HIV- sexually active gay men, there is tremendous anxiety associated with becoming infected with HIV, and for some of these men, intentionally infecting themselves with HIV is a way to relieve the anxiety associated with possibly becoming infected. It sounds (and is) extremely counterintuitive, but that is one explanation that has been put forth.

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Big hater right here. I was hoping to like it, and basically everyone I know who had seen it told me how awesome it was, so when I finally did see it I was just confused. I know I am not crazy but I am literally one of three people I know in the whole universe who did not like it. What is more annoying is that everyone who likes it, loves it, and will insist that I don't like it because I don't get it, and that I must be some sort of art-hating philistine who has no appreciation for beauty/cinema/dance/etc. Ugh.

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This makes me wish I was still in my high school band. I was a sucky clarinet player, but I really liked it until my band director talked about my boobs to one of my friends. Ew.

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Jeez what a difficult question. I was (and am) a huge 808's fan, and I would say "Robocop" and "Coldest Winter" are two of my favorites on that album. I also love "Lost in the World" from this latest album. In terms of older Kanye stuff, I can't really choose. What about you?

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I think the commenter Polly Sorbate is a Lisa Pizza too.