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MY WHOLE BODY IS COVERED IN SWEAT. I was so scared with this one, guys. "Second holding: Both the admitting privileges and surgical center requirements place a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a previability abortion, constitute an undue burden on abortion access, and thus violate the Constitution." YES. YES YES YES.

I gotta go lie down...

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That was my college go-to. Once I set the CD on repeat so that we would not have to take a break from making out, then gradually realized I'd accidentally set it to repeat just one song, and we'd been listening to "Do What You Have to Do" for like 25 minutes. It was the dorm-room-makeout version of John Mulaney's Salt & Pepper Diner story.

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I am so happy for you guys! I've decided your ship name can be Koina Keffriguez.

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My mother was a devoted Illinois drinker of LaCroix throughout the 1980s-90s. And there was no betrayal for painful than reaching for a glass of what you thought was water and encountering flat LaCroix instead. Vile, abominable stuff.

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This is maybe a little embarrassing, but I can tell YOU, the Internet, that I get almost all my bedding from the Teen offshoot of Pottery Barn, PB Teen. It seems like Pottery Barn's target audience became "retirees outfitting their Boca Raton vacation home" like 7 years ago, but their PB Teen stuff is ADORABLE, and you can find sheets and duvets for up to a queen-size bed. Highly recommend.

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Don't APOLOGIZE, this is AMAZING! I love learning this stuff. And I've actually gone ahead and ordered a DNA test for exactly the reason you mentioned: If there are breed-specific health concerns, I want to know about them now. I've heard that breed type can even affect how anesthesia works on a dog, and since I'll be getting her spayed in the near future, I'll want to have all available info.

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Thank goodness, no. Climbing over the chain-link fence (or rather, flopping over the fence) to get onto the beach since the entrance was underwater was not fun at all. Also, there was a guy there with a search-and-rescue pooch, who was training her to jump over the fence on her own, and my puppy was Getting Ideas.

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Midwest Canine Connection. She had three identical siblings (2 boys, 1 girl) so I think they just mixed up which pup they'd given me, gender-wise. The four of them had been dumped off in front of a high-kill Kentucky shelter in a BUCKET as newborn pups, and MCC had transported them northward and hand-reared them. She was the first to be adopted, at 7 weeks, and I did see that as her sibs grew, they changed the breed listing and estimated adult size on the adoption ads. They were really lovely people, and clearly cared a lot about the dogs. I think this was more of a fluke than their standard result!

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Yeah, I'm very fortunate. I am planning on buying my first place soon, and I realized how enormous she'll be in time for me to switch from thinking about a condo to planning on a little house with a yard. There are a lot of condo associations in Chicago with size/weight restrictions on dogs of >50 lbs. I can't imagine how devastating it would be to be counting on a 30 lb adult dog and to end up with a dog who wasn't allowed to live in your building. Or to think you had a breed which is calm and chill and good at apartment living, when really you have a dog who needs huge amounts of space and 2 hours of running every day.

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YES! We go to Montrose Dog Beach all the time. She very much enjoys leaping into strangers' laps who've had the temerity to spread out a blanket and sit down. And running between people's legs, which will not be an option much longer if she continues to get taller. Message me on Tumblr ( or something, we'd love to meet up. My dog will not mind if your dog isn't up for playing, because there are SO! MANY! DOGS! AND! SMELLS!