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Before we start giving vaccine to foreign nationals, how about doing something for British citizens living overseas? Obviously we can't organise vaccination centres the way we do in this country, but we could perhaps offer vaccinations to people with British passports who present themselves at British consulates. After all, we are presumably looking after the staff of our consulates, somehow. All we would need to do is extend whatever scheme we are using to vaccinate consulate staff.

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That looks like a proposal worth thinking about. I suggest you should write to your MP and ask him to put it to the government through the appropriate channels.

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An excellent recommendation. Andrew Neil excels himself! I laughed out loud.

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When Hilary Benn and Oliver Letwin conspired to let MPs take over the house of commons agenda in March 2019, that certainly produced "less than perfect" results. It was, in fact, an Establishment conspiracy to defy the democratic will of the country as a whole, as proved by the results of the general election in December 2019. Most of us vote more for leaders, parties and agendas than for individual MPs. If the candidate we vote for in order to get our preferred government turns out to be a good constituency MP, that is a fortunate by-product, not the main point. People such as Dominic Grieve have discovered this the hard way. The present arrangements, whereby the government determines the agenda, should be preserved at all costs.

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Burleigh seems to have gone full Cadwalladr.

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The Home Office certainly ought to be able to get back the deleted records. No competent IT department would winnow a database without having first prepared a backup. If they can't do it, it is a reflection on the quality of their civil servants, but hardly the fault of the minister in charge. It is an operational detail well below the level of detailed oversight by management.

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A certain amount of rebelliousness in MPs is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, if the Spartans of the ERG had not rebelled, we would have been stuck with Theresa May's appalling Withdrawal Agreement.

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Agreed. That also seems to be the view of Dominic Raab and the government.

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I take it that "publicly funded", in the strict sense, means "funded by direct grant from central government ". In that sense, the BBC is not publicly funded. In a more general sense, you are correct.