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I have now watched the show and I offer my congratulations to Nick for keeping his cool in the face of a torrent of abuse and hostility. Predictably he had to defend himself constantly, and was given no chance to put forward his own or the BNP's views on matters affecting society today. The papers today are squirming with glee at Nick's "mauling" - and I am wondering if they saw a different programme from the one I watched. I suspect many people watching at home were disgusted at his unfair treatment and that can only be good for the party in the long term. Well done, sir!

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I've been quiet for a while (do I hear cheering?) but I'm back to wish Sir Nicholas the best of luck. He'll make mincemeat of Straw, the Tory token Asian, and the rest - that goes without saying. Dimblebore will be on his most impartial (i.e. pro Lab) form, and will do his best to fix on some inane and unanswerable question, which he'll ask over and over again to try to derail Sir Nick. And the audience will be totally impartial, obviously - just as I'll have supermodels queuing outside my flat for the next five years....

Good luck, Sir Nick - you'll need it. Somehow I've got this feeling that you'll triumph - but it's not going to be easy and you know that. The (real) British people are behind you, go for it and show the British public that there is an alternative to the current corrupt, self-serving system. God be with you.

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One worry I have about Mr Griffin's Question Time appearance - it is quite likely that UAF and other troublemakers will try to disrupt it, both inside and outside the building. The BBC can then gleefully report that "anti-fascist" demonstrators protested against the "far-right" BNP, with all the concomitant bias. This may indeed be the aim of the whole exercise, looking at it from a cynical point of view.

I therefore hope that Mr Griffin will insist on a guarantee that he will be allowed to speak, and that anyone who attempts to prevent him for doing so will be dealt with by the police. He's no fool, and he probably thought of this way before I did. I thought it worth a mention, though.

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Thanks for the kind replies. Unfortunately I look nothing like my gravatar, I'm a balding middle-aged bloke!

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I can't wait to see Nick Griffin wipe the floor with the spineless toadies from the other parties. Expect a specially picked hostile audience though, and plenty of inane and aggressive interruptions from Dimbleby. Please keep us posted as to when the programme will appear.

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The court case was clearly an attempt to break up the BNP - we can all see that. Mr Griffin has done the right thing in accepting it, if by doing so he saves the party from financial ruin. The big question is: what will be the consequences? One can argue that there won't be any significant change as it's unlikely that (m)any Asians, blacks etc will want to join the party anyway. More worryingly, NuLiebour and their paramilitary wing, the Union of Absolute Fascists, may well send thousands to people to join in order to destroy the party from within. A telltale sign ay be the lifting of the ban on BNP membership in public sector jobs.

How to deal with this without incurring more spurious legal challenges from Britain's enemies? I wish I knew - I hope and trust that the leadership wlll use its considerable intellect to find a solution. Tough times lie ahead, good luck.

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Senior citizens have the benefit of a lifetime's experience. They have seen this country's former days of glory. They received a proper education so can easily see through this criminal government's lies. They were brought up with decent, moral family values and a sense of local community. They don't welcome being the only white/English-speaking person in their street, or to be made to feel embarrassed for having a normal sexual orientation. They resent seeing "travellers" being treated with kid gloves when their own values stressed the virtues of thrift and honesty. They prefer to worship Jesus Christ rather than kowtow to a religion that condones underage sex.

That's why Liebour doesn't care about them and can't wait for the inconvenient older generation to die away.

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I add my voice to the congratulations. Well done, sir!

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I found these films, especially the first, almost unbearable to watch. I'm a cynical old buffer but I was in tears by the end. Nothing I can write is worthy of the bravery of the people who shared their heart-rending stories.

We all know what we think about the scum that perpetrated these crimes. Equally bad are the police who ignored the victims' suffering - perhaps they would rather be out catching smokers? And as for the politicians who turn a blind eye...

If any proof were needed that it is time for the BNP to take over, this is it.

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Recently I cancelled my subscription to a cable service and all it took was a phone call, after which I paid nothing more and did not receive the channels any longer. Why can't we opt out of the BBC in similar fashion? The left can pay a fee to revel in pro-Liebour, pro-EU, anti-Israel, anti-countryside propaganda if they want. The rest would pay nothing and have the BBC channels blocked. The technology must exist.

It's not as if the non-political programmes are much good any more. These days we're more likely to get Jonathan Ross than David Attenborough, and don't get me started on how serious music has been all but dumped in favour of moronic celebrity pop. All the decent sport's on Sky as well.

The Bolshevik Brainwashing Conspiracy doesn't want me and I don't want the Bolshevik Brainwashing Conspiracy. The compulsory licence fee should go.