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Although Patrick was playing Carl, i was playing Russel. I actually loved fighting the dogs. It seemed like it was easier for Russel to beat the dogs then Carl, so i actually enjoyed stunning them and throwing bones. I guess it depends on who you were playing. I, like Patrick, also love this game. The levels were very scenic and interesting. I loved that Kevin and Dug were used in the game. The game all together was very enjoyable from a 15 yr olds view. It makes me look forward to the movie even more. ;)

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I <3 thid game so much! Brings back memorys of playing at Kurt's! Favorite childhood game! Awesome thanks for posting!

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i want to see this movie really bad ever since i saw the previews at Indiana Jones

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I watched this with my neighboors and i thought this movie was so clever. I loved it. It was kinda weird and boggeling. I loved Matthew Fox in this movie. I think the whole idea of seeing the disaster in everybodies different veiws was great and it kept my attention. It had a great twist.

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i didn't even no that was Dane Cook lol. He is a funny man

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this is one of my favorite movies ever

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Man rub it in my face that it won't work on my computer :(

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I have this game for Ipod!!! I beat it in about three days playing an hour a day. The last level was really hard. What i don't like is the duel game, b/c you don't control your spore it controls itself. So u just sit back and watch it fight, and mine always loses.

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Why does apple have to come out with a YELLOW ipod after i buy a ipod. Man im so mad!!!!!! I have black :p! You can shake it to change songs :(! Ugg why apple why.

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I love conan! The videos aren't working but i've seen them before. Conan is hosting the Emmy's on Sunday i hear :D