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Not divisive? So any candidate who believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman or who believes that pre-born lives also matter, need not apply?

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I agree that public organisations must only act in a politically neutral way, but the article goes too far in suggesting that millions of people who work in public organisations should be barred from holding offices in political parties. So a maths teacher who works in a private school should be allowed to become the treasurer of his or her local political party branch but a maths teaching working in a comprehensive school would be denied that right? Similarly nurses who work for the NHS would be deprived of those rights but would retain them if they working in a private hospital?

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Whenever Gavin Williamson guarantees anything you can safely assume the complete opposite will happen.

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Since the main economic levels were retained by Westminster, the impact of the Welsh Government on a Welsh economic performance can only be marginal at best.

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Over 80,000 positive cases on 29th December.

How on earth has this been allowed to get so out of control after all the restrictions over the past 9 months?

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Actual most people are ‘ahead of the curve’ if the ‘curve’ is Johnson.

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Yes, Johnson sees that Starmer has argued for it, and that Sturgeon has announced it for Scotland, then decides to copy. Leadership at its finest....

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I don’t know what Sturgeon will think of it by I am pleased to see this development - she deserves everything the criminal justice system hits her with.

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Amazing how Boris Johnson just watches what Nicola Sturgeon does then simply follows her lead. To be fair, at least he has learned that dither and delay is not a good strategy and he is now copying and acting more quickly than he did back in March.

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Any other political views you think should be outlawed from those wishing to stand for election to the UK parliament?