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My best guess as to what the mystery wire thing is would be a reset tool. However, it could be a self contained MAC search tool that points toward a MAC when the PC crashes.

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Great show Cali gracias (lol), I would like Apple to give the iphone more functionality on the lines of a blackberry, and more memory comparable to the ipod. User replaceable batteries for the iphone and ipod would be nice too.

The ultimate iphone would be able to function as a phone, blackberry, tv remote, garage door opener, laser pointer basically a Swiss Army type iphone.

Considering Apple charges for .MAC they could at least offer more storage then say hotmail or gmail.

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OBTW I used sharp cheddar only/

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After watching the GC GB I had to give it a try. I went to Trader Joe's for the mayo, and with the exception of the bread (I used white) I prepared it your way. I thought it was ok, but I prefer using butter rather then mayo. I have to give you credit for reminding me how good a simple GC sandwich tastes.

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I read the pro/con reviews from users on Amazon, and watched the video clips by Amazon. The common thread for pro is the dl speed, screen tech and amazon backing up your purchases. The common thread for con is price, direct pdf capability, size, keyboard and price. All considered I almost bought one last night, but I am a sucker for gadgets.

Personally, I think the first out of the chute price is reasonable (remember the iphone initial price) considering the connection with no contract, dl speed, book title selection, free online dictionary (not sure about total web access). I love new gadgets so I am looking forward to your assessment of it.