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Thanks, Mom. I imagine that as long as I work as an EMT I will vividly remember your signs and symptoms. I hope I can then help someone else out that may be experiencing the same thing, but is possibly blowing them off.

I am glad you did not ignore the big signs that night!

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Great stories and reflections on some of the most memorable Christmases. I still remember having the finger foods/hors d'oeuvres every Christmas Eve as we celebrated Christmas together as a family and you and Dad celebrated your anniversary. That will always stick with me.

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Thanks for the great story and thoughts on a somber day of remembrance.

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We had an awesome time and really hated to leave! I am looking forward to having us all back up there again soon and possibly having you down here for Christmas! We realized we passed by the dirt track on our way out and I looked it up on the web. That will be fun to watch when we come visit in the Spring!

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving. Even with being slightly sick, it was still one of my favorites!!

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Haha, I am sure that last temptation came quite often with us... as it does, at times, with our kids. Thanks for trying so hard to raise us. Aside from a few minor ticks that still remain within me, I think I came through the other side pretty nicely. :)

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Great story and tribute, Mom. Thank you for sharing.

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Big bandage?? Nah, I have seen worse. I am ready for it. I had already planned for random people to accompany me so that we could, indeed, have a gaggle. I will have to call everyone and disappoint them. Maybe another time. :)

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Great post, Mom. Like Aunt Doris said, well said. It brought a smile to my face thinking of you inviting everyone in for sandwiches and drinks.

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I think, aside from the iPad as your single computing source, you really cannot go wrong. Either way it is probably best to get an external hard drive (wireless not needed) to transfer rarely-used files off of your computer. They are so cheap nowadays that you can get one easily and begin clearing space.

Since your computer is getting older it is still best to consider getting a new one someday. Know that either way you go, Mac or Windows PC, you will still probably have to buy some new programs. There are also other alternatives available to you, including Google Docs for your word processing and spreadsheet needs. It all comes down to what you really want and everything else will work out for you.

Have fun computing!

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That is cool, Mom. Yeah, the hearing protection is a must. I take it to every NASCAR race we attend. I had not thought about eye protection. I will have to ask around to see what they use so that we are prepared when we come up in November.

Thanks for sharing and I am very excited about seeing the dirt track racing soon!