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thanks for taking the time to visit sweetie, you just killed another brain cell of yours, taking the time to actually read something on my website - come back often I love pedantic numpties like you :-)

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it's up to her or her assistant to update it - or even YOU can Doug - crunch base is a bit like a wiki, accept TC approves edits before they go public.

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I think the offerwall business model is a great idea - it's the *quality* of the offers that counts, long term customer relationships rather than fleecing people.

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Yes this is true, so he will only be able to work for paramount part time, and not be allowed to swear either - he has been interviewed and accepted a job shoveling shit with the 'unofficial' xtranormal lemon fairy - I have proof - the interview happened here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHRdJ6ZdEQ4

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Zuckerberg for Prime Minister more like - he's helping our government solve the national debt in UK ya know! - he'll be having tea and cakes with the queen next, then hob knobing at number 10, then he'll kick george osbourne in the goolies when nobody is looking (facebook stylee) and become cameron's right hand man... it's all true I tell ye, I've seen it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Bbzi7s1Ko

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most of these women are over 40 I expect, there is bound to be a difference in looks between an 18 year old girl and a middle aged woman - some of these ladies are old enough to be your grandma's, nature designed it so you shouldn't find older women attractive sexually - how about showing a list of fugly women in there 20's instead ? - older women have always been hated by younger blokes - think of history - the salem witch trials - most of them were women that were considered ugly or annoying I bet! - at least women aren't killed for being unpopular anymore in civilized countries - that is something I guess. There are a lot of fugly men over 40 too BTW!