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They still have one choice that was available to the troops in Vietnam. Fraggin their commanding officers!

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"who must choose redeployment or jail"


Matthis Chiroux refused to deploy on the grounds that it was an illegal order for various reasons, and WON. He got discharged and even got to keep his G.I. bill benefits. Look it up!

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What do you mean by "live above our means?" If the government takes out a loan to buy a bomb to kill our brothers and sisters in another country, and then tells us we have to pay perpetual interest on the loan for that bomb, is our living standard then above our means?

No, actually we're living BELOW our means, because we could afford a better living standard if we weren't paying the interest on that bomb.

Really, though, it's not a question of living 'above' or 'below' means. It's a question of who is living OFF our means. Well let's see, who is collecting that interest exactly?

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welfare? really? we get welfare?

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"They don't care if we holocaust Iraq as long as the commanding generals are black lesbians or whatever their favorite PC flavor is"

my thoughts exactly

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Ms. MacKenzie, "al Qaeda" is apaprently as expandable a term a "journalst" these days.

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The Taliban wanted to manipulate the price of poppies by not growing ANY? Hello? HELLO?

I suppose it would be too radical to point out on antiwar.com that heroin money gets processed through the Western banking system, and that maybe it's not entirely a coincidence that Afghanistan was invaded shortly after the Taliban destroyed that revenue stream, JUST IN TIME for a new crop to be planted. I'm not saying that's the only reason Afghanistan was invaded, these things are always coalition efforts, but DESTROYING *ALL* THE POPPIES TO MANIPULATE THE PRICE?!? That makes no sense whatsoever and you should be ashamed of yourself for uttering it, I don't go here to get nonsensical propaganda.

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I'm not sure where this theory comes from that you can't have an Empire if the currency is gold and silver. Wasn't the Spanish Empire based on gold and silver? Can't you "balance the budget" (and them some) by killing off the Incas and Aztecs and stealing *their* gold? By enslaving people and forcing them into mines? Did Alexander the Great have a Central Bank?____Nevertheless, thank you Dr. Paul for trying to end the Fed, because it is private, undemocatic, unaccountable and non-transparent.

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"Sound money" means gold and silver, which are all currently mostly owned by major banks and especially central banks.

We could return to "sound money" tomorrow and be in exactly the same position, because the major owners of "sound money" are the creators of today's "fiat money."

The question of whether a paper dollar is "backed" by gold or silver is basically irrelevant; the "backing" ended under Nixon and not much changed. Metal backing provides a limited check on money creation, but the paper "backed" by it can still be over-printed and over-leveraged, so it doesn't solve any fundamental problems.

The real question is WHO is allowed to print money and BY WHAT PROCESS. Is it private, undemocratic and unaccountable, or public, democratic and transparent?

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If you guys are so concerned with ending/preventing U.S. wars, how about you invite someone on from NYCCAN, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now. They've collected 80,000 signatures from NYC residents to put a referendum on the November ballot for a real, independent investigation into 9-11 WITH SUBPOENA POWER. Their ballot proposal names several independent citizens as investigation members, so there's no way it would be a whitewash.

They need media support for their cause, however. Watch this video:


then go to their website: