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Hey Chris,

Yeah, it's an interesting thing.

People are constantly looking outside of themselves for this magical happiness. I also think it's interesting that the people with everything are the ones struggling to find happiness and during my time in India I met the most happy people. A guy with no legs, homeless signing his heart out as he pushed himself along the street on a self made skateboard.

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Cheers Mark..

Really looking forward to this one..

How's your prep coming?

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Brilliant man!! Very nicely done, your 3 nights of hard work has certainly paid off

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Hey Gary!!

Yeah, it's been around for centuries.. Da Vinci used nature as a muse for his inventions, it's just recently been given a name though :) Would like to check out that book :)

I will give you a ring in the next few days. My essays have dried up now and getting a little more free time..

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thanks :)

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cheers Lucy, glad to see you're coming on here without being forced :D

Site will be down for a bit soon, have to start again erkk.. Am moving it to a blogging platform, Wordpress!