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Nice post, Meghan! I love reading about food!

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Very interesting parenting style. A lot of what you say makes sense. I can understand how this system works in your own home where the environment is somewhat controlled and everyone has the same philosophy. What happens when your children are in an environment other than their own? (i.e. visiting a friend, school, etc.) How do they interact with others as far as general courtesy or putting others needs before their own? Is this ever an issue?

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This is great! I hate walking into a nail spa and smelling the strong odors. I will definitely check it out!

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I agree with you that some contractors are more conscious of their actions than others. I don't agree in passing the buck Everyone should own up to their part of the problem. That was my point really. I admire when someone can be fair, honest, and objective instead of pointing fingers and placing blame before they have all of the facts and all sides of the story.

I absolutely have empathy for your situation and the condition of Cromwell and would be frustrated too. You have every right to be bummed about it.

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#1 I am not saying there is no solution, but who do you expect to pay for the repairs? Your tax dollars were spent to fix the intersection on Cromwell. If the street was to be repaired with that same project your tax dollars would also be spent to do that. I think that only the intersection was repaired because it had to be done before the asphalt was laid on Burlington Avenue. I don’t think funds were or have been allocated to repair Cromwell. Let me give a scenario to better explain my point. If the construction crew were to damage the street by being irresponsible with equipment (i.e. using steel tracks when unwarranted on the pavement for that project) and therefore causing damage to the street, then yes, I agree with you they are responsible to repair the damage they caused. However, that isn’t what we are discussing here. The street was already in dis-repair prior to the construction crew arriving to replace the intersection. IF the street was in good repair prior to their arrival we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The trucks and equipment of the construction crew that repaired the intersection would not have caused the street to be turned to gravel IF it was in good repair. Also, keep in mind that there is an inspector paid by the city on site when the contractor is working to ensure that they are not being negligent. I think this is simply a case of long overdue replacement of Cromwell of which the city is responsible to make a priority when funds are available.

#3 I agree that I don’t have all the facts and timelines to come to a “concrete” (pardon the pun) judgment. I realize that I have a negative view point on the issue and this is due in part to watching opportunists over the years try to nickel and dime entities that they view as having the money or resources to fix a problem that is their responsibility without looking at the issue fairly and honestly. I am all about fairness, honesty and taking responsibilities for one’s own issues and problems be it contractor, homeowner or the city.

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I would like to address some of the issues brought up in the post and in the comments above.
#1 I will not argue that Cromwell is in extreme dis-repair. Anyone that lives or drives on Cromwell can attest to the fact that Cromwell was in dis-repair BEFORE any construction crews showed up. Heather Miller states that the construction crews tore up the street more with equipment and trucks during the intersection repair project. I also am not debating that. Consideration needs to be given to the state of the street before the contractors showed up. Did they make it worse having to park there? Yes. Was the street in good condition before the contractors showed up to perform the work? No. Would the contractors have torn up a street that was in good repair? No. That project had to be completed so that the asphalt could be laid on Burlington Ave. Although not ideal and more than likely somewhat of an inconvenience to residents, I don’t see another option other than parking on the street for the duration of the project. Does Heather have a solution on where that crew should have put their equipment and trucks in order to complete that project?
#2 The sidewalk crew that tore up the grass. This inevitably is going to happen with sidewalk repair because of the nature of the work. I understand that there were several upset residents in the City of Fairfield regarding the seeding and lawn repair that was performed at a sub standard level by the contractor. Unfortunately this is often what happens when contractors from out of town are hired that do not care about the city they are doing work for or the quality of their work. I absolutely don’t agree with that standard of work and feel that the contractor should either be penalized or correct the problem.
#3 Ms. Makeig’s steps: Will, before you take a sympathetic view point on her damaged step, take a minute to realize what might have actually caused this problem. Look closely at the picture that you provided. How would a construction crew have damaged this step? What kind of action would they have taken to put it in the condition that it is currently in? To me it looks like the original contractor that installed the step did not provide proper sub-base or support for the step. Or placed the step on the curb and used it for support which is obviously deteriorating. I would consider this unacceptable work from a contractor. But how is any of this the cities responsibility or any city or DOT hired contractor’s responsibility? Based on the information I have, I would venture to say that this is a case of an opportunist that is trying to take advantage of the City of Fairfield by claiming that city hired contractors have damaged her step. In turn the city has the choice to do nothing, hold a contractor responsible or pay for the damage with tax payer funds. Is that the kind of situation you want to be sympathetic towards and hold an entity accountable that did not create the situation to begin with?

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Maybe the gift of bark collars (the humane kind) for your canine neighbors would be appropriate. As far as the conservative radio show...be glad that it wasn't Rush Limbaugh. If it was, I would suggest saving the bullets for the radio and sparing the dogs.

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You need a different shovel/spade. You need a round point spade or shovel that has a nice sharpened edge. I am afraid you are going to hurt yourself jumping on that shovel like you are. I think a lesson on how to use it properly might be in order as well.