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Oh, hey! The author of one of my favorite apps, ever. Thank you so much for Bookpedia!

Writing a plugin is a great option. I wouldn't need to automate the SQLite part if I can rename the files using metadata. I just downloaded the plugin source, but it looks like Xcode, which I don't know. It's on my list, though! Once I learn it, I'll take another look.

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Hey akutz! That was actually my first use of Balsamiq... I love it. I hope they expand to cover more areas (like networking) at some point.

Thank you, btw, for the awesome tutorial. It was one of the first and most useful resources I found.

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Let me know how it works! This post is 6 years old and I no longer manage HP servers so I wonder.

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That behavior is expected. That type of refresh is a server-side refresh, not a client one. I know it seems possible because you're using the browser as a client, but Excel Services renders it on the Server side then presents it to you.

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Hey Karen,
In this case, you'd save the script as a file, say "release-holds.ps1"

Then you'd pass it arguments
.\release-holds.ps1 "http://sharepoint/" "My Library"

Otherwise, you can just remove the args part and do $siteURL = "http://sharepoint/" and so on.

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Hey Mike,
Glad I could help! There is one additional change I want to make: fixing the raw html codes (I forget what they're called.) You know, the way apostrophes show up as "#&146;" If/when I update that, I'll let you know. What does your final code look like, btw?

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Kerberos, as it turns out, wasn't actually working for me.

read here for more info (the news is eh)

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