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Joe is WRONG.
Obama worked in a Baskin Robins ice cream shop when he was in high school - just as good as the 'burger' job he is ranting about!

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Congrats Stevie :)

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Secretary Of State Jesse White: Senate Made Me 'Fall Guy' In Burris Drama

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Hillary Clinton confirmation hearing next Tuesday.
HuffPost: Senate Democrats will hold a hearing next Tuesday to take up the nomination of Hillary Clinton as President-elect Barack Obama's Secretary of State. John Kerry, the incoming Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, made the announcement. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/07/hillary-...

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With all the chatter out there about Chris Mathews, Jindall, Huckabee, and Palin it seems like the 2010 and 2012 campaigns have already started ;)
Maybe we will never see a break in the campaign gossip from here on out ;(

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Adolfo Carrion Jr. revealed in New Haven Friday night that he’s being nominated for a top post in the incoming Obama administraiton. http (COLON) //www (DOT) newhavenindependent (DOT) org/archives/2008/12/carrion_gets_th (DOT) php
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Regarding New York... Caroline might also want Bobby Kennedy's/HRC's seat so that her cousin Kerry Kennedy-Cuomo's ex-husband Andrew Cuomo doesn't get it. Perhaps Uncle Teddy is urging her to take the seat in order to keep Cuomo out of the senate. Apparently Teddy is doing all he can to get her the seat - there is a headline at HuffPost titled: Report: Ted Kennedy "Working Back Channels" For Niece Caroline To Get Senate Seat

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Shinseki is a retired Army four-star general of Japanese-American ancestry.

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I think Duckworth will use all of her passion to move Obama's agenda forward regarding the veterans and the veteran's benefits. Some one that lost both legs in war is going to be thinking about what is important EVERY day.

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Obama Considering Energy Czar
WSJ: The president-elect and top aides are debating whether to create a "White House-level post to coordinate policies on climate change and dependence on Middle East oil."
Discussions expected to continue this weekend, along with debate over choices for Interior, Energy and EPA.