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If 85-90% of this country are true "Christians" (followers of Christ) then why are we in the mess that we are in??? Going to church does not make you a "Christian" any more than going to McDonald's makes you a hamburger. I am a follower of Christ...I don't condone the murder of this man, nor do I condone the way he made his living. To pin all these acts of violence on Christians is know if someone is a Christian is to see how he lives, not go by a title that he gives himself. Murder is murder, inside or outside the womb. The one who did this MAY claim to be a Christian but his actions speak differently. Judge the fruits of this man's life alone, don't envelope the whole group into this madness.

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From what I understand, California residents voted to do away with their medicaid program & it was taken up to the state supreme court & overturned. The people voiced their opinions & the gov't not only did not listen~ they directly went against it & did what they wanted to anyway. The government needs to be made accountable to the people. If our voices are being silenced...then maybe other means need to be taken to get their attention.

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I am all for "choice" but the choice comes before conception. Girls/women can choose to not put themselves in positions that cause "unplanned" pregnancies. Girls/women can choose to use other proven birth control methods that do not not kill a baby. The problem with the "ProChoice" rhetoric is that they want NO choice...they see abortion as a cure to all unwanted pregnancies. As a "Pro-Lifer", we have addressed many clinics to just show clients videos/documentation of the stages of development of a fetus, to let these girls make INFORMED decisions, but they don't want it. They would rather lie to someone about what they are discarding then to expose the truth. They don't want "choice", they want death. If more women would wake up & realize that the unborn is not the only victim, they are as well. Abortion enables men to disregard any responsibility for unprotected sex. The risks to women are great, perforated uterus, hemorrhage or with one of my friends, they evacuated an empty uterus only to have the baby implanted in the fallopian tube. They never checked her & her tube ruptured & she almost died. The Bible says "This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live" Deuteronomy 30:18-20 For a President to address a "Catholic" University on the topic of abortion is an out right slap in the face to those who founded that University. It shows that he has no qualms in what he believes & will stop at nothing to see his agenda passed. When will we see him for who he is?? When will we rise up & put a stop to the senseless deaths??

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And call a moron a moron (like those in Washington DC).

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They are not just like me...with my husband, I can create life inside me~THEY CAN NOT!!! Since they CAN NOT procreate, the only way for them to increase their numbers is by recruitment. I, for one, will not sit back and let them try to recruit one of my kids for their cause. If they could just enjoy their "homosexuality" in the confines of their homes...without the "in your face" propaganda that they push at every chance they get...then let it be, BUT they DON'T!!! THEIR RIGHTS END WHERE MINE & MY CHILDREN'S BEGIN!!!

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I have 4 kiddos as well ages 16,13,11 & 8. They sometimes get in trouble at school because they let their teachers know how they feel when other political views are being pushed from the classroom. They are telling everyone that will listen that they plan to be a part of the San Antonio Tea Party & say "No More" to this careless spending, legislation that goes against the very foundation of this nation, & people who would rather defend those who attack us then to stand up & defend our country. My husband & I believe that by teaching our kids what this country was founded on & the price that freedom holds that they will be able to stand up against the rising ignorance that is found in the public school system. To sit and be quiet while others try to rewrite history to fit their agenda is leading to a generation that knows NOTHING of the values& principles that made this nation what it is today...and if we don't try to turn the tide NOW...this nation will NEVER be the same again!!!

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We are planning to take our family to this and make it an educational vacation for our kids. They understand what is happening and want to be a voice with us. See you there!!!

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You are correct in that...THEY are at war with US and want nothing less then complete destruction of the United States of America. If he thinks that his statement in Turkey is going to change how they feel about us, he is even more clueless then I thought. How dare he say that when our troops are still fighting a war that began when Muslims decided to wipe out so many Americans by attacking on our own soil.

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Why haven't their bank accounts been seized??? The IRS does that to the public if there is any question on you owing something from the past. They should be held accountable just like everyone else & suffer the consequences.