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and also possibly missing the left part of her pelvis? possibly it's just a trick of the light/pose, but on one side she clearly has a hip and on the other, the leg just sort of becomes torso.

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uberHOP is only running pilots in a few cities right now but it is very clearly trying to be a form of privatized mass transit.

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aw, that one's from The Black Bull of Norroway which is genuinely one of my favorite fairy tales and the heroine is very brave and resourceful, she just gets desperate in a bad situation!

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I'm just glad I am loving in the time of internet because I am v. bad at Words of Affirmation but A+ at emojis and gifs of affirmation.

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As an overall approach to life I am on board with the benefit of the doubt, when the alternative to is assume that like, someone random has a personal vendetta against me. But when the question is "is racism at work here?" in a white supremacist society, there is not actually doubt! There is racism, built into the system from the get-go.

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I can be a cranky hermit rumored to be a witch (but actually with a heart of gold) in any sort of town, but a beach town would definitely be the most pleasant setting for it. Eccentric beachcomber witch-hermit, maybe? The stories are that I use the things I gather in my evil witchcraft but really what I do is set them up into elaborate and meticulously-researched private museum displays in my home.

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The Sweethome recommends L. L. Bean percale sheets. I have not yet tried them myself but I am about to order some because a set of my aging Costco sheets just tore.

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Once upon a time in college I borrowed a friend's car to drive an hour to take the GRE. I had to stop for gas on the way, which I thought I had left ample time for, but then I could not figure how to open the gas cap. I could not find a lever or a button or an instruction ANYWHERE and my friend was not picking up his cell phone and I was convinced I was stranded and would miss the test and everything would be ruined forever.

I did finally get ahold of my friend (in time to get gas and make it to the testing site and everything) and it turns out the damn thing was a hidden button in the glove compartment. WTF.

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I think the same thing sometimes. A life of quiet contemplation away from the world sounds great as long as I don't have to contemplate God or sin or things like that.

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I sort of feel like you don't need to know the specific story to know that naming a child after a figure from Greek mythology is a bad call. I mean, a passing familiarity with any Greek myths at all should be enough to tell you that nothing goes well and nobody comes out looking good.