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You're right, it's not small and insignificant -- it's in those moments we often overlook that racism is perpetuated within society. People marvel at the fact that in this day and age, prejudice can still exist as it does, but it is because they remain so oblivious to the ways in which little things like this, or seemingly light-hearted and even sarcastic racial jokes, can foster those beliefs and stereotypes. Humans become socialized in an interesting way, and this little girl is slowly learning how society works and what everyone's place in that society is through parents who can't seem to grasp the importance of their language. It's sad.

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What's really depressing is that a lot of women look at videos like that and assume they're slanted, saying feminists are just too radical and need to lighten up. The sad truth is that sexism still has a tight hold on our society, and the tricky thing about it is how it plays into our everyday lives without us noticing it. A quick comment about a woman's appearance may go unnoticed, but that doesn't mean it's unimportant. When you see them sliced all together like they are in this video, it's hard to ignore. All girls learn at a very young age that nothing matters as much as looking good, and the very fact that people consider some of those news reports perfectly normal shows how ingrained that idea has become in their minds. Hopefully a lot of people will come across this petition and gain a better understanding of what it means.

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This two-party system that plagues America is a real shame, but the sad truth is that most voters aren't even educated about candidates like Gravel (although hell, many don't even know much about the republican and democratic candidates). I was a big fan of Badnarik in 2004, but we all know that whether they drop out or not, libertarian and other third-party candidates don't stand a chance. I'm satisfied with the democratic nominees in this election, but I like a lot of what Gravel has to say. I'm interested in taking a look at his books when they come out.

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Oh, the things people come up with. It's pretty interesting, though -- and certainly unique!

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"Wrong" doesn't even begin to cover it... and what's worse than someone actually creating this site is the popularity they've clearly managed to garner. It bothers me more that people aren't horrified by this than it does that someone even thought of creating those cards.

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I can't stand when these so-called pro-lifers trivialize the Holocaust by comparing it to abortion. I especially can't stand people who call themselves "feminists" and then march around with signs like these, rubbing the guilt even further into women who have had abortions. That's not an easy choice for a woman, and it's extremely selfish and naive to act as though they "took the easy way out" and should be labeled murderers.

You also make a good point about the next Hitler or Charles Manson. If they're going to use that old and pathetic argument of "but what if so-and-so had been aborted?" then they must also recognize that along with our next president and next child prodigy and whoever will cure cancer, a bunch of terrorists and mass murderers were "killed" as well.

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This is always such a difficult topic to address. On one hand, it is upsetting that rape is so underreported, and on the other, we have to respect someone's decision when they don't report a rape. Pushing a decision on someone is the worst thing you can do after they've been violated so deeply, so I think this website is a great idea. It's just out there for anyone who needs it, and isn't as threatening as the idea of going to the police. Providing an alternative way to report a rape can really help this cause, even if it helps just one person find their voice and fight back.