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LW#2 - I have not worked anywhere where there wasn't a 3 month delay for insurance to kick in and usually other benefits like vacation and sick time. They may have assumed that since it is standard practice that they didn't need to spell it out.

I had an employer once who didn't cover moving costs front me the moving costs that I then paid back over time from my paycheck. You might approach them that way and see if they'd be willing to cover the gap in coverage for you for a defined time that could then be paid back over time.

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The job where I had to ask someone to please stop having sex in the supply closet b/c HR refused to do it and had just passively aggressively moved the key to the supply closet.

The job where one of my first orders of business was to fire someone who was rumored to be on prescription painkillers and carried a loaded gun in their purse.

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I so hope Cancer's is right. "This month is for finding possibilities you never knew. This month is for watching your future open up, strange and golden in front of you. The world is full of more goodness than you know yet."

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The male dirtbags all have an Archer voice. Now I realize with this one the female dirtbags are Barabara Stanwyck. (in either Double Indemnity or The Lady Eve)

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There's quite a few if you google image lady and lute. I like this one as it seems an appropriate response to all the images above.

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The professor made it sound like it was one of those iconography things. Like Mark and his Lion, George and his dragon, etc. It think its symbolism goes beyond painting. Although mentions lasciviousness it doesn't mention ladybits.

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Some art history course I took explained that often there were symbols in paintings and generally stringed instruments like lute and guitar were symbols for vaginas. The class was looking at Vermeer specifically so it may not universally apply especially for those monks. But it does makes this collection of paintings all that more amusing.

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The one in the middle looks rather like Rufus Sewell. A slightly stockier version but close enough to also make it the only band I care about as well.

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It was filmed in Craftsbury, VT in the Northeast Kingdom aka "Vermontland" as my friend calls it. In Vermontland most of the rides involve quaint town greens and white steepled churches.

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I love "The Trouble with Harry" mainly for Shirley MacClaine but also because I discovered upon moving to Vermont that it is exactly how Vermont is in the fall, every fall. They tell you not to go hiking the fall b/c of hunting season but it's really b/c we don't want tourists tripping over all the dead bodies already there.