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Thanks for the reply! I really enjoy history and history-related things- old-timey art for example. And creepy stuff, like ghosts and witches. And hearing music! And dancing! And eating. More than anything else, eating.

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Hey Toasts! I am going on holiday to LISBON (!!!) next week. What should I do? Besides eat those custard tart thingies? It's my first solo vacation and I'm so excited and also kind of weirded out about how *independent* I'm being. Well, trying to be.

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Try listening to the Sleep With Me podcast! I absolutely adore it and never have made it to the end. It's basically this guy who just rambles on telling amusing yet somehow also kind of boring stories and I find it extremely soothing.

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I made it to the open thread finally! I have missed it here so much, but since I moved to the UK in September, I've found it difficult to manage the time change to make it here!
Graduate school is incredibly difficult and time consuming, but its been so rewarding. My only big problem is, I have this TERRIBLE ROOMMATE. When I first met her I thought, she's a bit strange but its probably benign, she's probably not awful. But truly, she is awful. She is messy, she leaves dishes in the sink for weeks, never buys anything for the house, and, worst of all, she smokes in her room constantly! Since my room is right next to hers, the smell comes in directly and lingers for ages. I've asked her three times to stop, and to smoke in the garden, but she will not do it unless its sunny and warm out, which, its England. The last time I texted her to stop smoking inside last week, she responded telling me to stop being "condescending and judgmental". She then stopped speaking to me, and continues to smoke in her room. Luckily our lease is up at the end of March and we're all moving out, but I honestly don't know how I can carry on living here until then. I dread coming home, I dread making dinner in the kitchen for fear of seeing her, I can't even hang out peacefully in my room because it constantly smells of cigarettes and weed. It's draining me of so much energy and making me feel depressed. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for coping with living in a toxic environment?

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Literally my life with my toxic evil housemate right now.

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American living in the UK here! I'm sitting alone at my local pub having a cider and a burger because all my friends are busy, but whatever.
I have mixed feelings because on the one hand, I don't like spending time with my family but on the other hand, THANKSGIVINGGGGG. Actually I get sad every year because people's happy family pictures make me jealous and resentful. But I've got a can of jellied cranberry sauce at my house all to myself after I eat this burger!

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Agreed. I really, really miss the book posts. I wish Nicole would write some here, and I'm not sure why she hasn't :( I liked the book sorting hat series the best.

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I've been wondering about this myself. I think it's so strange that she hasn't posted any kind of explanation at all.

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