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who are the admins of this site!

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Ok i am not going to bother trying to tell you what happend and how i sorted it because i have tried about 20 times now and each time it gets removed by the administrator straight away, even thought i think you would be interested an could be very useful info. bet this gets deleted now. Rather annoying site. still a08 an dhlizard thanks for your help.

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My replys keep getting deleted,

Ok i will try again will copy and paste in future lol.

i read above that 3GS made after w34 of 2011 are at risk anything before that is compatible with the 06.15BB. But mine was made in 2009 so is totally fine. I think you meant 2011.

Besides i have already unlocked this iPhone with custom 6.1 IPSW and BB 06.15, it was all fine untill i installed the evasi0n untether, so i re did it and now cant ulock it again.

Are you saying even with all that in mind that i should still downgrade the baseband because it seems that this would be unnecessary???

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I did say in the previous post that i upgraded the Baseband to the iPad 06.15. and that the phone was made before the week 34 of 2011marker so does have a compatible NAND. but here is the first 5 of the serial anyway. it is 81944 so it was manurfactured on the 44th week of 2009 so that is all ok.

Besides Ultrasn0w is compatible with BB 06.15 i have checked and re-checked this. I also know this because i did the BB upgrade 2 months ago and it unlocked fine. its was the evasi0n install that took the unlock away. so i tried to repair it and made a few mistakes that i have corrected now. see my posts above.

All i really need is more info on how to get Ultrasn0w to unlock as i have followed all the steps to the letter and it still says "No Service" boooooo hoooooo

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Hi dave, i have the exact same problem 6.1 10B141 06.15BB can you let me know if you find a resolution, I will you if i find one.

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Hey, i tried that.

I read the same post, i rebooted 5 times and still says no service. it wont even register the original sim card anymore. it was on VF España, but put the card that came with the phone in and still says no service. rather frustrating as it was working fine 2 weeks ago before i installed evasi0n.

ok i just tried it again an still no luck. any thoughts.

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Hi there,

Ok i am in serious need of some help here (HELP)

Right i have never unlocked an iPhone before 3 months ago, but i managed to use iFatih to create a custom IPSW, then used redn0w to jail break install cydia and update the firmware too 6.0.1 10A523 and the baseband, then installed ultrasn0w all ok an tethered unlocked. 2 weeks later it somehow stopped working after i installed the new untether thingy from cydia (I mean the unlock, it just said no service all the time). so i decided to give it another go with redsn0w and i think i tried to downgrade the firmware (i think i was thinking start fresh, silly thought) half way through it crashed.

NOW, i cant boot the phone, it shows the white apple logo for about 3 mins then restarts. or it will display the recovery iTunes screen.

Ive tried just boot in redsn0w that does the same but with the pineapple.
Tried restore to custom IPSW with redsn0w, that fails.
Tried re-installing the baseband and cydia and that will go so far then the screen on the phone sows lots of dos like text then says, Limited repair mode, not all repairs are available, then goes to anoher screen saying perform a clean slide to power off then try redsn0w again.
Tried restoring to custom IPSW with iTunes using iREB that passes ok untill the phone gets too the apple logo with an empty status bar, then the phone freezes there and does nothing, eventually iTunes gives up and comes up with some error always different but i know its the phone crashing and causing problems not iTunes.

Basically i have tried everything, i have even tried using CMD and ramdisk builder to pull apart the IPSW and start to phone using a ramdisk so i can mount the drives to check the files, but as before as i access the phone to mount the disks it freezes on the white tetheredboot screen.

I think if i am right i have corrupted the drives somehow like you say above. i think this is the same as what would happen if you skipped the all important (clean slide power off) step, causing a mount problem. I only assume thats what the problem is.

Sorry i know this post is long winded but some help would be so appreciated. Thank you!!