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Congratulations! Can you get someone to order you a tote?

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Ah, I didn't see your post before I came and said the same thing. POPULAR! That one went wayyy off the rails. Nip/Tuck was the same. Gotta hand it to the guy for consistency. And his shows can be pretty amazing if you let go of any expectations of coherent plot or reasonable characterization and let the sheer lunacy of it all just wash over you.

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It's a Ryan Murphy show! Interesting first few episodes ==> rapid crumbling into nonsensical shitshow is pretty much par for the course.

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this is a good opportunity to add one of MY favorite things from Freaks and Geeks:

Lindsay: I don’t smoke pot.
Nick: Come on, what’s the big deal? It’s from the earth, it’s natural. Why would it be there if we weren’t supposed to smoke it?
Lindsay: Dog crap is here and we don’t smoke that.

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though my crush definitely outlasted my teens

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I'm assuming the Gossip Girl famous foursome is the NJBC (chuck, serena, blair, nate) in which case I'm going to make two arguments:
1. No WAY are Serena and Nate Raphaels, Raphael tends to do things on purpose and S & N are just beautiful golden puppies who are constantly knocking your shit over and accidentally biting children in their excitement
2. Dan is obviously April O'Neill which works out great because Georgina Sparks makes a great Casey Jones

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I've been really busy for a while, and recently came back to the internet to find everyone insane for Hamilton. Can someone explain it to me? This is a play being performed in New York, right? Did everyone go see it in NYC, or is it touring? Is there a youtube version? I want to get excited about this too but I don't know howwwww

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the most powerful human to have ever lived

She had a pocket full of horses,
Fucked the shit out of bears,
Threw a knife into heaven,
And could kill with her stare.

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on the days when I bother talking to men

You poetic, noble land-mermaid. With this line and the Gwyneth piece you have become my new favorite Toast author. <3 <3 <3