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only pressure they understand is money. watch, see who advertises on the different programs. threaten their sponsors with boycotts. thats my best idea so far as punishing the media:tv, print, radio...all of it.

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the media wasn't impressed by between 8,-10 thousand of us. geuss we'll have to triple or quadruple or...quatratuple (is that a word?) the number. has anyone noticed that glenn keeps warning us against violence? what kind of violence? we shouldn't shut up. but, we can't go out shooting people either. we're outmanned and out-gunned for 2 things. what is he warning us not to do? why isn't he ADVISING us to do something positive? is beck starting to make so much money that he wants us to sit quietly and behave? no danger to him and his shows that way. no blame. nothing. hey, glenn......remember the constitution? you SAY..."follow me..." but you're not leading us anywhere and seem to want us to tone down. whats up?

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we are ALL being watched. for "astro-turf", we seem pretty interesting i geuss. yep, we've been asked to inform on one another, to "keep our eyes open". so, let me tell on myself: the kitchen is clean, laundry done, cats fed and watered. BUT the bed isn't made yet and the computer room needs sweeping. OH! i also yelled at the news on tv today. just another rampant tennessee housewife........

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do you think that i'd have to get another operation to have my pain pump removed??? i don't really like looking semi pregnant, but the meds work and the pump is under the big scar on my stomach. what do you think....would i still get "refilled" or end up with another big scar?

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you and i both know it won't. ONLY WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES. HOW? have been searching, begging for ideas. we've researched, threatened, thrown fits. HOW do we save the nation? as i've stated before, i have picket signs and weapons. i'm just give me a good idea of HOW!

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when the price of electricity "necessarily skyrockets" people are going to die. many older people live on a very small fixed income. the older one gets, the harder the cold is to bear. it hurts.....a lot. when its below freezing outside, are we supposed to stay bundled in a cocoon of blankets? my sister lives on $603 a month. luckily for her, she has a much smaller house than we do because last winter (in tn) our electric bill was over 400 twice, hit 500 once. there are 2 of us here, both on fixed income. we're cutting down as much as we can. can't afford to move to a smaller place. if cap and trade passes, it will be the death penalty for many. we'll make it, because we've been working out options. my sister lives in the mojave, far from us. we help as we can...won't let her freeze. the desert gets really cold though and she is not well wither. we MUST DO SOMETHING....OR DIE.

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to those who responded to my comments about google...i'm not a total blithering idiot. i know how it works. or how its supposed to work. yet when i typed in, the address for some preserves which were on the top of a box of blueberries, i was directed to kenyan farmers needing donations. yeah, i do contribute to some things, but the things i am able to send my little bit to are all in u.s.a. so, please, don't treat me like i'm completely computer illiterate when i ask a question. thanks.

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i think we all...on this site, anyhow...WHAT IS HAPPENING. we WANT TO change it, but don't know how. i posted the thought that we might form a committee or coalition. no responses to that. we need to gather together, with the constitution in front of us. we have a DUTY to our country. we'll save it or lose it. please, ANY IDEAS?

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good to see that others are asking my biggest question: HOW DO WE STOP THE GOVT? before it stops us and DOES make us a marxist state. right now, we're just loosely organized. anarchy only sounds good. doesn't work. in my opinion, we need a council of leaders. remember, we didn't have a foundinf father, but founding fatherS. and we need advertising. we get some from glen, dobbs....but not enough. we need, i think, to attract people to our cause. the tea parties didn't/aren't getting the attention we need. where can we advertise that is AFFORDABLE? don't know about the rest of you, but money isn't running around loose at my house.
right now, we all get frustrated at times, think nothing is being done. not true. SOMETHING is being done. NOT ENOUGH. there are a lot of good thinkers on this site. a lot of people write intelligent letters, have some really good thoughts. but this should not be a private diary. it should be a posting site for ACTION, and, yes, ACTIVISTS.
lets get off of our butts and get to work... LETS GO. WE CANNOT WAIT. . IDEAS?