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Great proof that everyone with a computer gets a chance to come across as an uneducating expert.
Reading this I had figured it had to be written in the late 70s early 80s. But when I seen the date on the article I was shocked.
At which point I figured this person just hasn't been to Sudbury in the last 20+ years. But was further disappointed when I read the comment that the author has not even been to Sudbury Ontario at all.

Guy, you need to undertstand what you are commenting on. Sudbury is a beautiful place. As it was mentioned, there has been a regreening program for years, but in addition there is clear signs on mother nature doing her work without any regreening programs.

Also, about the superstack, the previous comment was correct, less then 90% of what you are seeing from the stack is steam.

Below are a few photos that can be found online that will highlight the regreening affects, but more importantly just 'simply' mother nature at work.

"40 square miles around Sudbury had been rendered completely barren of vegetation"
here are a few pics from within this range:

"140 square miles around supported only shrub and herbaceous cover"
here are a few shots within that range:

here is a comparision image. Comparing the same photo between the decades. This area is found a few miles from the smelter.

Here is a photo from within less then a mile from the superstack