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Hi, always open for fantasy recs as well. :) and no, only in the author's part, I don't care if it's in-universe. I'm currently reading the Dresden files and while I found them entertaining, I just can't with the objectification in every introductory scene of a female character...

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Hi guys, I'm looking for some science fiction novel recommendations and hope there are some people here who can help me out :)

In the past, I have enjoyed the expanse novels and everything by Becky Chambers and Ann Leckie. I love more character focused stuff, cultural exchanges (aliens, colonies etc) and robots/AI/cyborgs as main characters. Most of the classics have great concepts but I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to the sexism that is present in a lot of them.

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Also this show is a delight watching from Germany - the backgrounds, train cars and police uniforms are all pretty accurate and it was great seeing places I've been to before. The names are funny though - they are all authentic German names but pretty old-fashioned. In the nineties you wouldn't have seen kids and teens called Dieter, Lotte and Karl for example..

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Hi Mark/everyone,

So glad you covered this great show! Since I read the manga concurrently, I never commented as I always was a few chapters ahead and didn't want to spoil accidentally :P
Sadly there weren't many people following along, but understandable given the combination of anime, heavy subject matter and it being hard to find. I hope some people will be intrigued by Mark's covering of this great show!

As for the ending... Yeah, it's divisive in the fanbase since Johan seems to be getting away scot free. I'm not sure what ensuing I would prefer though.

Some small things I think Mark mixed up: the twins' mom's name was never given; I think he got confused when they talked about Nina/Anna. Also in the videos it sometimes seemed as if he thought all Kinderheim 511 alumni were survivors of Johan's massacre, but Grimmer and Roberto are much older and "graduated" before that event.
Due to the sprawling story and huge cast of characters (often minor ones who come back way later) that's totally understandable :)

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person of interest, everything except 2x17

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Hey guys, since there seem to be a lot of Discworld fans here, I thought it would be best to ask here. I've read the Colour of Magic ages ago (I got gifted a very beautiful German edition - the translator did the best they could, but most of the puns are gone, sadly) and remember dimly reading one or two books surrounding an invisible university in the library. So I want to get into it again, in English this time.

I thought about doing it in chronological order like Mark does but I'm in no way a completionist, and over forty books is a bit too much for me - I also glimpsed from Mark Reads that some books are not as well liked as the others (Interesting Times?) and I have no problem skipping them.

So my question is, do you have any recommendations which ones to skip / where to focus? Any website links where this is discussed in a kind of manner like "if you don't like xyz, then you won't enjoy blah"?
Also, there seem to be some YA novels - are they worth getting into?
Are there some pretty editions you like that all fit together and look good on a bookshelf? (else, I might get some ebooks)

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all of Enterprise except 3x04