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hello everyone, maybe I have a stupid question, but I need help. I activated my iphone using SAM when it came out. I still have a problem with battery. every 2-3 minutes it loses a few percent. Now I am interested in, do I have to work again deactivating and activating the iPhone, because today released a new update for SAM in Cydia?
thanks in advance.

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i dont use T-MOBILE but, I managed to do it this way...set method to: by bundle name.
now find T-MOBILE operator for your country and check SIM ID.
after that, you just connect your iPhone to iTunes and wait few seconds...iTunes automatically activated your iPhone .
tell me if you were able to succed
good luck :)

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i use T-MOBILE sim card to reactivate phone.
thnx one more time :)

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@sherif (Firstly I want to thank all of you who worked on unlocking)
following the instructions, I tried to activate my iphone (3G, OS 4.1, BB 6.15, Model MB), but after all, Itunes is still not accepting my SIM card. i try auto country and carrier...SAM find my mobile operator from my country, but itunes says "the SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported".

Now I can't connect iphone to itunes.
if there is a solution to reactivate the phone, I would be grateful to help me.

thanks in advance.

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unlock for bb 5.14.xx and 5.15.xx may not ever make. If you want to use your phone, I suggest you update bb to 6.15...maybe you will not have problems with GPS, or if you should have perhaps, just wait fix...just as we are now waiting :)

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I suggest you to do the same as those proposed by @Jesusmadrazo. good luck :)

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ok, I will try to do this, thank you man

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hi, i have iphone 3G, 4.1 fw and 6.15 bb. my phone work again after updating the baseband 5.14.02 to 6.15.0 [ thanks:) ], but the battery is empty very fast and the GPS does't work. I hope you will find a solution to fix these problems. greeting