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Glad to see mobile is back up, for a minute there I thought I said something wrong and got the ban hammer.

I don't do retail therapy, but trips to the exchange for fun have been a staple of mine for a long time. People watching, letting the kids drool over toys, drooling over TV's (ok so I often ignore ball being played inside in hopes that something hits my securely fastened to the wall flat screen (it's small, and the buttons are going out, as is the IR sensor on the TV)).

But my frugality is resource based, more than finance based so I don't buy new goods unless absolutely necessary, and any purchase can wait 24 hours (Amazon shopping cart trick right there, you can add everything to your cart and instead of buying it, just walk away, you'll get the rush of buying it, without the remorse of having to find a place for it (after all our brains are pretty simple and can be tricked by saying we did something rather than doing it (this is why diets and gym commitments fail, we say we are doing those things, people say how proud they are, and we get our reward)).